Monday, June 27, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.......A few lessons and a couple beatdowns from my boys

Mondays are always the same.

I always spend Monday thinking back over the weekend and wondering if I could have done more or was there something that I started and didn't finish. 

I just don't know sometimes. I have gotten better. I used to be the biggest jerk on the weekends and then when Monday came, I would sit here and be so upset that I missed out on the chance to have quality time with the kids and T.

Now that I only act like a jerk 20% of the time, the weekends are that much more fun but I still have that empty feeling on Monday.

But you know what, damn...It was a good weekend.

Saturday we hung out until we drove down to our cousins for a bday party. The kids love going to this house, they always play good and have fun.  The kids wanted to swim in the pool so bad, so T and I finally gave in and let them swim.  I got in too and played with the kids.  C1 loved the slide. He hasn't gone down a pool slide before, and he thought it was fun.

Yesterday was the highlight. I got the kids outside to play before the rain came and C2 and I got into a little basketball shooting contest. First to 10 wins. Well, the little man got me. Came from behind to beat me 10-9.  So then it was time for me to take on C1. Well I got up on him and he came back and tied it up. Then I thought I had him and he came back too and beat me 10-8. So both of the boys beat me at my game. Guess it is good that I didn't play C3 and C4, I could have lost to them too.  But that was fun.

You know what else is funny. Get three kids together. Put a Mario Wii game in and sit back and listen and watch. I am going to video this next time..These kids go at it. It is so funny to listen to but we usually have interrupt and calm them down. Never knew that brothers and a sister could get so into a game to where anything could happen.

So another weekend gone, another month almost over. I did learn one very valuable lesson yesterday...If you know there is a chance for sever storms in your area.....get the food on the grill early and maybe then just reheat it later for dinner..It is no fun trying to grill in sideways rain and having to RE-start the gas when the wind and rain blow it out. Chicken doesn't finish and then you (well I) leave it in the oven overnight...

Kiss the Baby



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