Monday, June 20, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Fathers Day Weekend Recap

Fathers Day Weekend.. Man what an awesome weekend. It started by me getting home and C1 meeting me in the garage and asking me to close my eyes and follow him.  I knew something was up and for a couple different reasons....

1.C1 never meets me in the garage anymore
2.He asked me to close my eyes and was leading me up the stairs

So I make it up the stairs and I am led into my bedroom and I am told to open my eyes and there it is..

T and the kids had a new tv for me in the bedroom. They were so excited and couldnt wait any longer for me to have it, so they all hooked it up.  It was awesome, I loved it. I figured out the remote, the picture style and I even watched a movie Friday night. Adam Sandlers "Just Go With it" and it was funny. Very Good. So I enjoyed my new tv right from the start.

Saturday, boy slept in till 6 am and then hit the gym for a quick workout (30 minutes) and then got to the oil change place to get T's van hooked up. Sat next to the MOST annoying guy on the face of the Earth. His unsmart smart phone was very loud and whatever he was doing was echoing through the place. The cloud of smoke that followed him in after puffing on his dirty lung stick was so bad. I thought about farting just to see if he would get up and leave and as I was about to...they called my name. I was back home before 8 am and no one was even up yet.

Saturday afternoon, while T took C3 and C4 grocery shopping, C1, C2 and I went outside to do a little sweating. We played baseball first, then it was football, and we finished off with a game of basketball where once again C1 came out the winner as he hit 8 shots in a row to finish off me and C2.

When T got home, I actually did something that I dont like doing. I took a nap. A short one but it was still a nap. As I got C4 out of the van, I wanted to let him stay asleep, so I laid down with him on the couch and as he stayed asleep, I fell asleep.
Me and C4
Yeah that is me the fatty with the crazy hair and the hairy face.

T and the kids cooked a nice dinner and a awesome chocolate cake. Soooo Good.

Saturday night I watched another movie on my new tv "Battle Los Angeles". I liked it. Tons of action and we always know how to kick aliens ass' for some reason.

Sunday the big day for us dads.  Fathers Day. Woke up by a little princess asking if she could play with my phone.  We then had a fun time at the pool.  It was an awesome Fathers Day weekend and the kids made me feel like the best dad in the world.  Just like they do every weekend. Everyday for that matter.

I love my life.

Kiss the baby



Good Girl Gone Green June 20, 2011 at 4:44 PM   Reply to

Looks like somebody had a great week-end with the family and was treated like a princess! And naps are awesome!

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