Monday, June 13, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....I found the Balance..and A Big Movie in the Park

So on Saturday I did something that I have been trying to do for months. I had been looking for a new pair of running shoes for the gym. I have seen so many that I liked but just hadn't pulled the trigger on buying any.  But Saturday I was shoe shopping with C4 while the others were at the craft store I came across these. The New Balance 730's. Man these were so comfy and regularly $80, marked down to $50 and I got $10 off, so I got them half off. Awesome. I wore them this morning to the gym and they felt so good.

Then later on Saturday.....

There is this little park area in a city right by us that does cool things and one of those things includes show movies outdoors. They have a huge screen in the middle of the little park area and they also have all kinds of fun games and things for the kids to do. Shoot the kids just ran around and played tag and played with balls and other kids.  It rained before but dried up quickly so it ended up being nice for the night.  The movie playing was Yogi Bear. So we all lined up our chairs and got a great spot and then after playing the movie started around 9 pm.  After eating popcorn and watching the movie outside we headed home got the kids a midnight snack and they were all out. 

That was a fun Saturday night thing to do and we plan on going back for the others.

Yesterday was a "Lazy" day.  We just hung around the house and cleaned, T paid the bills. You know like Anonymous said I am too stressed from working so much so I have T pay the bills to take some of the load off of me.  We let the kids have an inside day and that was fine considering the rains came and helped us out with that. Laundry done, rooms cleaned, hell I even got into the storage room and cleaned it up, threw away some boxes and that made a difference.

On the laundry side of it. I am allowed to help to laundry. Actually I like to help do the laundry, it makes the week easier for T, you know being that she stays at home and doesn't have a job like Anonymous says. But when I do the laundry I am not allowed to do the BODEN Clothes. These are the kids awesome, nice, XXXXpensive clothes that the C's wear. This stuff has to be turned inside out, washed on the "Gentle Hands of Tom Brady" Cycle, and then hang dried and then dried on low for 10 minutes. What all that to wash and dry some clothes? YEP!  So I failed once again. A pair of C4's shorts ended up in the dryer ON HIGH.  Well T saved them while they were still damp...Im back on laundry probation.  But the truth of it is that the Boden Clothes are the most awesome clothes and our kids make the clothes look even more awesome.

Yesterday too, there was a huge discussion on twitter about spanking. Good, not good. Bad, ok to do, for what reasons and so on...Well I am going to get into this one day this week, but I see spanking as wrong wrong wrong. I will have a post about this tomorrow, so come back and we can discuss it then.

It was a great weekend and even the part where I was aggravating T in the bed last night and she began to bite me. I love how we have fun little moments like that. All cause I was thumping her arm as she was giving me shit.  During the game she asked me to go get this, go get that, "your going to wake C4". Then she called me a whiner....Im thinking she meant WINNER...

I love that woman..

Kiss that baby



Erin June 13, 2011 at 1:58 PM   Reply to

Or "Weiner"...I'm betting that is what she meant to say.

Scott S. June 13, 2011 at 2:39 PM   Reply to

Oh yeah, Erin so nice of you to stop by. I know your a huge fan of the "Weiner"

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