Monday, June 6, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....We party hard...C4's Birthday Celebration

T said last night while we were eating dinner that the weekend seemed to be going by so slow. I looked at her like she was nuts. It goes by too fast. It seemed like it was just Friday night and we were starting to clean and get ready for C4's party.

What a great weekend it was. We had a great birthday party for C4, he had a blast and he loved having everyone come over to play in his backyard in the near 100* temps. All the C's had a good time too. Saturday was great. The hardest part was trying to keep the kids in the house. They wanted to go out and play so bad all day long, but I had sprayed bug stuff on the yard and it needed to dry and plus they were going to be out pretty much the later part of the afternoon and evening playing during the party.  T did a great job decorating and setting things up and as the people started to arrive and the sweat began to drip, it was on.

Frisbee, soccer, the trampoline and tag and all kind of other fun stuff was going on. The cooler that was full of waters, and cokes and sprite and kids drinks was hit hard and fast since it was so hot out. But the important thing is that the kids had fun, the parent sat and talked and it was a nice time. By the end of the night, I think it is safe to say that every child that was there had used up all the energy and probably slept pretty good that night. I know the C's did.

He got a Orange Dino

Started in on some gifts

Ripping into action 

More gifts

Looking and waiting for more

He loves that yellow ball 

tossing is aside

More goodies

back to the ball

My ball, not letting go 

Rex flashlight...Are you scared yet?

one of his favorites

Llama Llama book and Llama Llama in his hand

Big Brother C2 watching

Cool little boat

what a stud

Well like I said it was a great time, he loved playing and opening his gifts. And after that he opened a few more from the other C's and they all played inside. 

Then yesterday at the pool he enjoyed his own little
private pool

Kiss the Baby



Unknown June 6, 2011 at 11:21 AM   Reply to

Awesome pool, and happy birthday!

I like the pool as "the present zone" idea. This weekend was my nephew's 4th bday party, and he was EVERYWHERE! Getting him to stay in one spot was almost impossible.

Then he had cake. And chocolate milk. He and his friends were AMPED.

Anonymous,  June 6, 2011 at 5:28 PM   Reply to

Looks like fun!!!

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