Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. How can I not be dirty minded?

(but with lots of words)

I try to not add words and it doesn't work. I try to keep it short and I don't know how.
So I guess mine is more like WordFul Wednesday
3 little pictures and lots of words

So I guess that all of you know by know if you're regular readers that I am a dirty minded husband.  I am always trying to make the moves on T and sometimes in a sweet way and most of the time in a high school kind of way, but I love her and I love loving her.

She does not like that I am always acting like a sex crazed boy who has never had any....So she is usually reminding me that I need to grow up and stop acting like a dirty old man.

Well yesterday I look at her blog
and I notice she is promoting a super sale on some aprons

Now I am looking at these aprons

Irregular Apron Cocoa LimeIrregular Apron Sassy Red
Irregular Apron Cherry Blossom

Thinking how in the hell am I suppose to not

.not make moves on you
.not make comments to you
.not try and get the PO-DO going
.not be a dirty minded husband

When you have one of these sexy aprons on?

Am I suppose to just think about dinner?

I don't think so. So let me know if you are getting one of these so I can behave myself until it comes in, cause after it arrives, its on.

And if your wondering, honey..Get the red one, with that tan of yours
you would so rock that thing.

And as of 10:20am she found out they were out of the aprons..


Kiss the Baby



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