Friday, July 29, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 7-29-11....The week that I turned 39 and then some

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What a week. Its almost over. Are you as happy as I am?  Probably not. But you can pretend to be.

It may seem like it but I am not one to jump up and down about my birthday. I dont really care about it. I have to spend it working all day. If I got to have the day off and spend all day with T and the C's then I might parade myself out there and let it be known. I almost made it the entire day at work without anyone knowing it was my birthday Wednesday. And for being 39, I can still break it down.  But the best part about it being my birthday is actually happening tomorrow.  I will do a post Sunday about it. So come back and see then.

School is getting closer. The kids stuff came in and they were so excited. I think this is going to be a great year for them and T is once again excited to be the learning coach.  I being the know all about everything, actually DONT know shit about T, C1, C2 and the stuff they do for homeschooling. What, When, Where, How....I know NONE of that. If you have a question about what the kids are learning, stuff they are doing....ASK T. Cause all I will do is lie to you and pretend I know.

Tomorrow morning is clean the storage room morning. T has a consignment sale coming up and I have to get all the fall clothes out and find toys. Im telling you people, if you need nice clothes hit her up...I am going to be finding and getting rid of some of my sports stuff. I have to..Its that time. If it is not worth anything it is going bye bye. Get ready for some pic's and post's about the sports shit i  hoard.

Football is back. Fantasy Football is back. I know I have sent out some invites to the Balls vs. Boobs League. I want to have 10 vs. 10. Lets do this. If I sent you an invite or asked you if you wanted one, let me know. We are doing the live draft again on Aug.19th at 10pm. Its fun, trash talking and picking and watching the players and games. No $, just good times.

So T...Yeah she loves her a little Tom Brady. And T, she is a fan of the OchoCinco. Now that they are on the same team...I bet she will be wearing that Patriots jersey on Sundays. Could you imagine the tension in our house if the Falcons and the Patriots made it to the Bowl. WOW. All I can say is WOW.

This is for real this time. I have been SO slacking in the hair removal department. But this is the weekend. Actually tonight is the night. I am getting rid of it tonight. Cause tonight tonight tonight oooo ooooo, Gonna make it right tonight tonight tonight ooo   ooooo.  Ok, enough, of the Phil Collins.

Back to football. I am in the pissed off department right now. I love my Falcons. I like the players. I like the coaches. I like the owner and the gm. What I am upset about is that as I got the ok from T to go to one game this year, we started looking for tickets. How in the hell do they expect us regular ass people to buy these tickets when they are jacked up. Players and Owners make money, I get it, I know they need and have to live and they get hurt and yada yada yada, save that shit for another day for someone that doesnt know about sports. I F-ing know about sports, marketing, money and how it all works. But for the love of god. I want to go to a game and not have to take a damn loan out. Stay tuned for this, too.

Well that is it. Im gonna make it through the day and then spend the weekend with T and the 4 C's. Might get into some trouble, might do something a lil crazy. Might try something new, might not. I will be on the twitter all weekend as I always am, and you can follow me and see all that I do or dont do.

Oh and I know these two old people, older than my 39 year old self, they have their house on the market up in Va, and they are wanting to retire and move to TX.  Do them a favor, so I dont have to hear them stress about it anymore...Do a dance at some point over the weekend, a sales dance. Thanks.




Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...The 39th Birthday Edition

So it is already Thursday and thank god. I am ready for the week to be over. This head, throat and chest cold is kicking my ass. Always is the worst at night.  Oh well, live to play another day.

Thanks to the people that wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. I try not to make it a big deal. I mean my idea of a great birthday would be to have the day off and hang with T and the C's.  Well I did get home last night and the C's were hiding and jumped out and yelled Happy Birthday. We had some cookie cake and C1 made me homemade cards. I got some nice gifts, some of my favorite candy the sour gummies and 2 Atlanta Falcon hats.

Got to enjoy a nice evening with T in the bed watching some mindless reality tv and then going to sleep.

So now that I am......yep 39, am I going to change and grow up?

Hell NO!

Maybe next year at 40. Shit, Im old.

Well, lets get back to the regular Thursday thing with

Years 1-38...Thank You, I did some crazy shit. Lets try and keep that between us.

Older People...Thank You, for being old and crazy looking and making me look good.

Younger People...Thank You, for reminding me that I dont want to be a crazy young person.

T...Thank You, for only putting one candle on the cookie cake last night. You made it easy for C4 to keep blowing it out, which was the cutest thing EVER!

C1...Thank You, for making me homemade cards. I love those the best. The artistic creativity you show makes me smile.

Buzz and Woody...Thank You, you also made me a card, and that was so awesome.

C3...Thank You, for making me feel so special last night as you told me you were going to Marry ME!  I will remind you of that when I dont like any of your boyfriends in the future.

C2...Thank You, for showing great desire to be different and make and hide a card in my underwear drawer for me to find it today. A day later B'day card from you is the best kind.

T...Thank You, for my birthday gift that you will give me this weekend. (Que- Marvin Gay music)

Anyone you would like to give Thank You Notes to?

Kiss the Baby 



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Short and Sweet!

I'm taking a ME day today. Feel free to browse around the blog and read what you like.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are you a Wanter or a Needer?

I think one of the things that make my marriage to T such a success is the "Opposites Attract" law.  While we are so alike in so many ways, we are so different in many ways also. One I will point out today is that I am a "WANTER" and T is a "NEEDER". Now me being a WANTER is easy to understand...I want shit.  T being a NEEDER is not to be confused with being NEEDY. She is not NEEDY but she knows the difference between WANTS and NEEDS. Thats one reason why it is good for me to have her by my side.

See I want......

Falcons tickets
With the Madden Game

This sweet truck
C hats. I love my C hats

Im sure there are more. My head is always filling up with stupid shit I want. But you know what? T knows better. See, while I am the WANTER, she knows that none of the stuff that I listed above are things I NEED.

What I NEED is...
Bills to be paid
A home to live in

See I need patience, understanding, and the ability to realize that things happen when you have kids. I need the knowledge that when you have kids all your wants become secondary and the needs turn into priorities and the priorities are taking care of the wife and kids.

So I may always talk shit about wanting this and that but really if you know me and the type of person I am.....

....Really all I want is for T and the 4 C's to be happy and taken care of.

But get me that shit and I wont complain.....

Do you know how to separate your wants and needs?

Kiss the Baby 




Monday, July 25, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.......A nice lazy weekend.

What a nice lazy weekend.

Some of us were a bit under the weather this weekend.

Tried to deal with stupid computer and printer and wireless problems all weekend. All because I cant find a f-ing disk that installs the printer to the new laptop. I looked everywhere and it is no where.

Had the kids playing out in the water for a little bit.

T beat me at a game of basketball and so did C1. And for the record I dont let them beat me, I hate losing. And T wouldnt even give me a rematch.

Our garden looks like shit. Millions of bugs, millipedes everywhere even on our basement. Our two compost bins...They suck ass. Not breaking down at all, so I think I am going to dump them and burn that shit.

I took C2 out Saturday morning to run some errands with me. Some one on one time. Try to connect with him a little and give him some attention.

T and I went against our original judgement and let the kids play Indiana Jones Lego on the Wii yesterday for a little bit and it feels good to know that we made the right choice to let them play and when they ask if they can have it we can tell them not at this time because of the violence in the game. It had guns and we dont do the guns thing. Not in legos, not in the pool, NO GUNS!!!

T cooked some awesome meals this weekend. Her famous crock pot chicken tacos, a awesome omelet, chicken taco quesadilla. So good. 

T and I started watching the Harry Potter Movie. We started at number 1 and have watched some of it. We cant decide if we like it yet. May have to finish it and check another out. 

See, lazy weekend. We didnt do a whole lot but we had a great weekend.

Maybe the NFL owners and players will get their heads out of their ass' today and end the lockout.

Kiss the Baby



Friday, July 22, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 7-22-11 AND 5 Question Friday

You all are so lucky today!!!
You are getting two for the price of one.
And since you are a member of the This Daddy Coupon Club
You get to read for free today....

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Its hot outside, but you know what I would rather be out in the heat either getting some sun or playing at the pool with the kids.  We do need rain but if we don't get it, at least I can get some sun and prepare my body for the beach in Sept. 

I have been slacking at the gym here in the past few weeks, only going 2-3 days a week instead of the 5 days. I have got to get that feeling of want back so I can get my body in physical shape for the beach. I cant wear a man-kini looking like this.  

I am making it a point this weekend to spend some quality time with each C separately. I think they need that sometimes and I have not done it in a while.

I am also going to make it a point to spend some awesome quality time with T. Now her idea and my idea of QUALITY time are way different, so maybe if I give her her kind of quality time then I can get my kind of quality time. Plus honestly my kind of quality time only last a few minutes anyways. So she gets the better end of the stick....Funny, better end of the stick....get it...

I am not sure if there are any movies that I can rent this weekend that can top last weekend but I will hit the redbox and see what I can find.

Well another weekend means another adventure in getting rid of body hair. Maybe I should give the Nair or Veet or whatever another try. Easier? Maybe, but that stuff stinks.

I need to find me a  PS3. Seriously, T is not going to be happy about this but since football looks like it is going to be ending its lockout, Madden will be coming out and I have not played in a few years. I need to get the Madden. Don't care about any other games. 1 controller. I game. 1 PS3.  Hey readers, find me one.

Ok and now for something that I have not done in a long time. No I am not going to do THAT, I only did THAT one time back when i used to drink and I have not so good memories of THAT.  Im talking about doing.....

and her


1. If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant what would your first reaction be? For the dudes, what would your first reaction be if your wife told you she was pregnant after the Big V?

Well that is me by the way. I had the BIG V and if T got pregnant, I would either be happy that I had the Michael Phelps of sperm or I would be waiting at my BIG V doctors office with a not so happy face on.  I trust T, so I am not worried about her cheating. Plus she takes care of our Crazy4 C's all day when does she have time to cheat? And why would she cheat when she has ME? I look like Tom Brady in the dark!

2. Best memory about this summer so far.
I would say that so far the best memory has been just playing with the kids. I dont get a lot of time off so I try to play with them on the weekends as much as I can. The C's are swimming like pro's this summer and C1 and C2 have been playing basketball so much.

3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets?
When Im told to. Ok, the kids sheets i guess we do every couple weeks, and our sheets we do like every other weekend unless a ton of PO-DO goes on, then it happen quickly

4. Having just gone through TSA, would you rather have a full-body scan or a pat-down?
Well we dont fly, but I would opt for the pat down since the scanners are suppose to have a hand in causing cancer. But, if the pat down person is male, that is a big HELL NO. If it is a woman, it all depends on how she looks. I might have to wear two pair or boxer briefs to make sure my junk doesnt get rubbed.

5. Since it is fair time...what's your favorite fair (county or state) memory?
We usually go to the N.Ga. State Fair and have a blast. Eating the corn, and the shaved fries and what not. But the best for me is dunking the shit talking clown that runs his mouth to everyone and I have thrown the balls and dunked him more than once. Pretty good for a balding big nosed beer belly redneck.

Thanks to Mama M for choosing one of my questions. Have a great weekend.

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Eight is Enough.

It is already Thursday and that means it is time for me to thank some of those people that make a difference in my week. 

And how do I do that? 

By handing out some Thank You Notes

Nancy Grace...Thank You, since the trial you have become the biggest bitch in the eyes of my wife and now she cant stand you...just like me.

Stephanie(@GGirlGGreen)...Thank You, for being the coolest hippest hippie Earth loving Tom Hanks Mermaid Darrly Hannah lookalike wannabe around..even though you are not American.

HHGregg & HP...Thank You, for your sweet deal on our new laptop. I now trust that T wont be trying to toss any laptops out of the windows anymore.

Mama M(@5crookedhalos)...Thank You, for calling yourself a "Yanker" on twitter this morning. I'm sure your "Mr. Wonderful" loves to hear you say that!

Diana(@lifeasaSAHM)...Thank You, for telling T and I you miss us this morning. The mirror at my gym told me that same thing today also.

Shaun White...Thank You, for not missing X Games17 just because I cant watch.

Ryan Sheckler...Thank You, for not offering me a trip to the X Games17, the kids have never traveled that far and would have been hard for us.

Trey Wingo(@Wingoz)...Thank You, for being the coolest man without socks since Sonny Crockett graced the sand of Miami.

Is there anyone you would like to hand Thank You Notes out to?

Kiss the Baby 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. X out the X Games

Wordless Wednesday
(i am getting better, less words today)

This year there will be

NONE of this in my house.

or this

or this

or my favorite

Shaun White

or my other favorite

Ryan Sheckler

Since we have cut back and we have NO ESPN.

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hall Pass. What would you do?


So T and I watched this movie this past weekend. Now I am a stupid movie freak and I thought this movie was so funny and T actually thought it was funny too. (Surprise)  But just like we do with every movie we watch and analyze. Well at least I do.

So Hall Pass. A week off of marriage. To do whatever you want without consequence. Umm. Yeah. Know what that spells in my house?  Trouble.

Lets look at this. T comes to me and give me a Hall Pass. First I know damn well that I need it in writing and signed by her while I stand there. Notarized and stamped and viewed by our friend Steve who is a local police officer, so he is the witness. It is then placed in a safe that only I have the key and code to.

YeeeeHaaaaw bitches..It is on like donkey kong.  T and the kids are gone for a week, I have the freedom to do anything I want for the WHOLE week.

Well realize that as a husband and a father that stuff around the house still needs to get done. Yard work, the honey do's and laundry and whatever else. So after getting that shit done, I would probably feel a little wild and crazy and ......

Go to the gym...yeah, probably for real. They have ESPN there and I don't even have that at home.  Call up all the homies after that and ummm, probably get no answer, so I would go home..sit on the couch and wonder what T and the C's are doing.  Play some Wii, rent some redbox movies, watch some dirty movies...yeah I said it, I'm honest.  Would I go out and party...ummmm NO. I may go to Taco Mac and eat some wings, probably run into T's mom and her brother, watch more ESPN, I don't drink so I will drive myself home.  Pop in some country music love songs by Brad Paisley or Keith Urban and cry as I sing to myself pretending T is there.  Get home, take a bath, shave my chest and arms, cry as I realize that T is not there to shave my back.

I am stoked thinking that it is only Saturday and I have an entire week of this. Hell Yeah.  Wait. I have to work all week. I have to cook all week, I don't eat out, I'm a cheap ass, NO sex cause I am not gonna use the HALL PASS to cheat on my wife, that is crazy..she rocks my the only other thing I can think of is to.. about how much I miss T and the C's.  Call her and the kids back home early.

Marriage has its ups and downs and that is fine and well. But getting a week off to do whatever you want. Hell, I don't have a clue of what I would do. Honestly. The movie was funny as anything I have seen in a while, but the end result is the same...The guys missed the wives, yeah they are hornballs, but so am I, I am always trying to get T pregnant (even though I had the BIG V years ago...don't tell her).  Guys always talk shit and mad game about how we would do this and that and women love us and they are lucky to have us and really us men are lucky that ONE woman was actually dumb enough to say "I DO" and take on the role of making us GOOD WELL BEHAVED ADULTS.

So T, if you ever feel the need to offer me a HALL PASS, just get me a ticket to a Falcons game, some chicken for tailgating and some Sprite and I will be fine for the Sunday afternoon.

If you want to laugh, see the movie.
If you want to love, keep your wife.
If you want to LIVE, turn down the HALL PASS!

Kiss the Baby



Monday, July 18, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun......You cant pack this much fun into a suitcase...Plank You!!

It seems like we packed so much into the short weekend.  Usually we are either trying to just take a weekend to relax or we are going to try and pack as much into a weekend as we can.

Friday night C3 and C4 did the baby wearing thing. C3 wore her bunny rabbit and C4 wore Buzz Lightyear. Then the C's had a pull out sofa sleepover. They love having those and watching movies. I took to the bedroom to watch The Lincoln Lawyer while T played on her phone. I loved that movie.

Saturday we woke up and the kids were on auto hyper control and they were bouncing off the walls. We took them to the park and let them play for a while. Looked like it was going to rain but never did.  When we got back from the park to relax for a bit and C3 and I decided to get in on the PLANKING game.

C3 on top of the entertainment center
Me on the monkey bars

T, and the other C's didn't want to have fun with us.

Saturday night, T and I watched Hall Pass and that movie was so F-ING funny. I am planning on another post this week about this movie, so come back later for it.

Yesterday, well yesterday was a day packed full of fun and umm chocolate. We gave the kids a treat and let them have donuts for breakfast. That happens on full moons.  Then we had to go to the mall and we met T's mom.  Nana got C3 some flip flops and she loved them. Started wearing them right then. Then it was off to the gas station that we almost didn't make since someone loves to live on the edge and almost run out of gas.  But I did get to see a cool pair of socks at the gas station
Im sorry lady they don't carry the movie your looking for there

Then it was to Toys R Us. The C's had $$$ burning a hole in the pocket. They got...what else, more lego's.  After that, we went to HH Gregg and we smoked em for a rockin deal on a new laptop for T. So my parents are going to give the kids another laptop soon are gonna have us all set. T can be set up on hers and C1 and C2 can each have one and do the schoolwork at the same time and not have to share a computer. Awesome.  T will be happy to have a laptop that works at full speed and she doesn't have to tape the cord a certain way to work.

After ice cream at ColdStone Creamery we went home and played and played and then T cooked the most awesome dinner. Crab, some kind of scallops thing, green beans from our garden and cauliflower.  It was a late but great dinner. T and I watched Big Brother13 and then I was asked to be on a Internet radio show hosted by Q and we talked about breastfeeding in public and spanking. He does a nice job and that now is two radio shows that I am a fan of. My boys over at EverythingMan Radio throw a party every Monday morning. Check them out too, they are the shit.

Well, I way overslept this morning. Missed the gym, hell I didn't even wake up till 8 am and had to rush to work...Have a great Monday and hope your weekend was good too.

Now Go PLANK yourself.

Kiss the Baby



Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 7-15-11....You figure it out.

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Well here we are on this awesome Friday and its not that awesome. Slept in, skipped the gym after a nice snuggle night with the wife. No Po-Do just the snuggle.  Got outside and was getting ready to leave for work and

F-ing car wouldn't start.
Tried using the jump box. No luck
Tried using the van and cables. No luck

So T was awesome enough to let me drive the Mafia MiniVan. And that means she is stuck at home all day. Which means she better be cleaning, doing laundry, cooking and well ok, I am kidding. She can do whatever the hell she wants.

So I will be picking up a battery and seeing if that works after work today.

Ok. I have 3 months to get ready for this and to find someone to sponsor me for this.
Bloggy Boot Camp
October 22, 2011
The thing you need to know is that most conferences, including BBC, will not allow you to pass out items or swag on behalf of the sponsor- you need to do all their promoting on your own site. Since our ticket is relatively inexpensive compared to most, you might be able to find a local company interested. You are welcome to wear a t-shirt promoting them and speak to other attendees about them- you just can't pass out marketing info.
So there. If you are a local company, I will pimp your shit.
Planking is something new i guess. I am late to the show on this one. But after seeing Nikki's Life as we know it post yesterday, I am going to T take pictures of me doing this all weekend long and the C's too.

I started singing the chorus to this song a while back and then played it on my phone for C3 and she LOVES it. We danced to it last night and she asks me to play it for her all the time so here it is

I have so much to do this weekend. Not sure where I will even start. Some movies I want to rent. Gotta hit the gym. Not going to build anything like my brother in law but I will lie and say that I did. Gotta get T to shave my back...AGAIN. Gotta shave the arms and chest...AGAIN.

I am sure T can come up with the list of "to do" and I will get it done.  Maybe..

I know C1 and C2 will tell me over and over the Lego sets that they are "GETTING"..Really??? C3 will ask me to play on my phone probably a few hundred times. C4 will stay up T's ass, so I am not worried about him.

I am going to shop for T a new laptop.

I am not sure what else is going on this weekend, wait..

I know a old couple that is celebrating a wedding anniversary this weekend. Like 29 years. They are also trying to sell the house in Va. so they can hurry and get to the retirement ranch in the Hill Country outside San Antonio, Tx.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Enjoy your weekend and hope the house sells soon.
Other than that....Have a great weekend
Kiss the Baby


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...No Really Thank You, from the bottom of my...

Some of you may be new, some of you are daily readers and for that I thank you.  Some of you may be just passing by as you searched for "sleep pee'ing" or "blue ball" and landed here.  There may even be a few stalkers.

My favorite guy besides myself is Jimmy Fallon. And he does a thing called "Thank You Notes" on his Friday show.  So, I stole it from him and that is why we have

Atlanta Public Schools...Thank You, for your scandal and giving us just one more reason to believe that Homeschooling Rocks!

C1 and C4...Thank You, No matter how late it is and no matter how bad Daddy is trying to get some, you two always seem to walk into the room.

The Name Callers...Thank You, trust me I have been called worse than a Canary

Justin Bieber...Thank You, for your new fragrance "Someday". Someday I may want to smell like you. But not now.

Missing Dog Returns...Thank You, for returning home after 7 years. Prompting Super Rock Band Journey to re-record "Don't Stop Believing"

Ga. Redneck Games...Thank You, Dublin, Ga. for having these. Only problem was that the company that was going to drop a dome and lock the Necks in there didn't show up.

@IamOffdaChain/MC...Thank You, My Twin, for hosting an Internet Radio show. I had no idea that could be done without ME. That is why I call in all the time.

Andrea(@My4RedHeads)...Thank You, You could be the only person that argues with me about why the "thank you notes" go out and who they go to

Katie(@KatiesPickles)...Thank You, for realizing that you CAN NOT pick up dudes while driving a VW Beetle.

All My Readers...Thank You, for coming by. I swear if I were in paper form you would be reading me in the bathroom. Maybe you do..On your smart phone...hint

Anyone you would like to give a Thank You Note to?  Here is your chance!

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. Dont Drink from that Cup!!!

(but with words)

119 to be exact

It isn't for us, it is for HER

Instead SoftCups

She was excited to get these and she even had a coupon which made her shit her shorts from the joy.

"Where are the directions?"
That was probably the best thing I have heard in a long time.

"It was easier today!"
Really, that was I was hoping you would say.

All I know is that, I guess from now on I wont be buying long thin cotton like bullets with strings on the end and finding the C's playing with them or the cat either for that matter.

And this also made for an interesting stripper conversation between us the other night. That made for good laughs.

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Won Over by a SmartAss Comment From a Radio Guy..Go Figure

Better late than never. I was a little blocked today on what I was going to write about but then just like a child smacking you in the balls with a bat, it hit me, woke me up and here it is. Didn't hurt like the bat though.

So last week I was talking shit on twitter about a fm radio show that I had never even listened to. A friend of ours was talking about the show and I was dogging it out. Then just out of the blue the shows main man, the host hit me up on twitter and wondered what the deal was.

This is where it got good and funny.  I told the guy (on twitter) that I was dogging his fm radio show that I had never listened to and that was all.  Well a little bit of time passed and he came back and told me he couldn't give me shit about a blog he had never read either. (Meaning my blog!)

That was classic. An awesome comeback. At that very point I had to start following this guy on twitter. I mean this is a big local fm radio guy here in Atlanta. I don't listen to regular radio, I love the satellite radio. I had never even given the guy a chance. But since he checked out the blog, I owed it to him to listen to the show.  So I listened to the show and hit him up told him, I checked it out and he said they were on vacation. Damn it! F-ing re runs.

So I gave it a listen again starting yesterday. And as I was listening I noticed something.  This radio show is alot like a blog. They are covering topics and having discussions with callers and each other and they agree and disagree. No arguing, that was different.  I read alot of blogs, parenting blogs, family blogs, things that teach and help parents and covers areas dealing with things about children and trust me I don't agree with everything I read and everyone doesn't agree with what I write.

As I was listening to the show yesterday and today, I was getting aggravated just like I do when I read a blog I don't agree with. I wanted to call in and give my two cents worth but didn't. He covered the Atlanta Schools cheating scandal. Today they were talking about kids in restaurants. This guys show is basically a live radio blog. That is how I see it. A live radio blog, that discusses topics and he has his millions of listeners just like I have my millions of readers. Well ok, almost 200 readers but its the same.  People listen to his show for him, or the other guy, or either of the two ladies.  People read my blog for me, mostly to hear about T or the 4 C's.

But the reason most of the people check out his show and blogs are one in the same. They get personal enjoyment and they feel that connection with everyone. You start to learn about the radio hosts and the people that the blog is about. They have regular callers and I have regular readers.

So to you Bert, I can honestly say that I never in a million years thought I would be listening to your show. Seriously, NEVER. I always talked shit about your show and never even listened. And then in my own taste and style you hit me with a smart ass comeback and that won me over. So now that the satellite radio going back to my buddy, I guess I have to make my hour drive to work somewhat crazy, and listen to the regular radio.  So I will be listening to you and don't know if I will ever call in or not but I'm sure I will probably curse some people out just like I have the past two mornings.

If you have a minute check out "The Bert Show" on 99.7 (Q100) and follow him on Twitter @BertShowBert

Kiss The Baby



Monday, July 11, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.......Parenting and the Gym...They are the same..really they are

Parenting and the Gym.

These two things can be similar in several ways.

Both take hard work, dedication, long hours, up early, up late..there are so many way in which the two things are alike.

There are things that come up in both parenting and the gym that make the day hard to handle. It may be not letting your kids play something, watch something, do something or even eat what they want to eat.  It may be doing cardio, ab and core work or legs.

But the thing that keeps popping in my head for both, is that there has to be that dedication and consistent process that makes it easier and better and more fulfilling.

This weekend, one of the C's wanted to have some computer time and I had told him no. He did not like that answer and felt the need to get upset and show some emotions. He continued to ask and even tell me he was going to have that computer time and I continued to tell him no and then the emotions came back, until he understood that it just wasn't going to happen.

Now me doing cardio or ab work compares to that. I hate doing cardio and ab work at the gym but I know that it is too easy for me to quit so the parent side of me reinforces the fact that it needs to be done. I stick to my guns get that work in and just like the C wanting his computer time, all good things come to those that wait.  He got his computer time later and I felt good about the cardio and ab work I put in.

Yesterday, one of the C's wanted a piece of chocolate. We told him, eat a piece of banana first, then you may have a piece of chocolate. He didn't want it like that.  He tried to negotiate it and it didn't work for him.  He lost out on a piece of chocolate for the simple fact that he didn't want to eat a piece of banana. He gave up and quit on eating a banana and lost the treat.

So this morning. I did the same thing. I quit and gave up. I usually do legs on Mondays but this morning instead of doing what I needed to do to get my treat (which is getting legs out of the way) I skipped it and did some chest and abs.

Like I said both require hard work and time.

Both will come with joy and pain. You will even have sweat and tears.
You can even throw up with both.

But in the end....
You will look in the mirror and smile.

Kiss the baby!



Friday, July 8, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 7-8-11 Part 2. Wheaties Anyone?

This Daddy's Blog



Back to my regularly scheduled blog post.

I have not parked in my garage all week. It is a wreck. Stuff everywhere. Toys. Bikes. Scooters. My junk. The kids junk. T's junk. Well maybe I don't want to get into trouble with her, so her junk is my junk. We have a lot of junk. Is it time to clean out the garage and re organize it? I guess but damn that is a ALL DAY thing.

I wonder how much I could get to the dump or if any of it would sell in a yard sale.

Guess I will talk to T and see what she wants me to do.

The storage room. Yeah that is another place that I can actually call the indoor garage. EVERYTHING is in there. Old-New and the in between.  I am needing to go through my sports stuff and see if any of it would sell. I have boxes of Wheaties. Seriously, boxes of Wheaties with athletes on them. Wonder if 10+ year old cereal would sell.

I wonder what has a longer shelf life? The boxes of Wheaties or the condoms that are stored in my underwear drawer? Guess I may have to try them both. T, can you help me with this experiment?

Oh and speaking of the you know what. NEVER keep the you know what from your husband. You know who you are and I support this man in his efforts. Any man that can send me a BackStreet Boys lunch box has my support!!

How many of your kids carry around a bag of money just waiting for the Magical Toys R Us store to appear in your front yard? I have one. No matter what time of day or night, C1 is carrying around a bag of money. And it has Lego's written all over it.

Night Owls. Do you have em? We have em!  Except they don't hang out in the trees, these night owls hang out in halls, bedrooms and they like to walk to and fro.

How many of your kids can get so excited to play some Mario on the Wii and then as soon as they get in front of the tv and controllers are in the hands its like a war zone. This can be heard being screamed as 3 C's play Mario

"Pop Me"
"That is my suit"
"Pop Me"
Pop Me"

Sound familiar?

T cut my hair last night. gave me the good short cut like I like. The only problem is that I am the only one that likes it. C1, C2 don't care, C3 doesn't like it and C4 well who knows. I told T, cut it how you want, but remember you have to look at me without throwing up. So she cut it and then says "You wear a hat all the time anyways"

But with short hair and a clean shaved body, She doesn't have any hair to hold on too. (wink wink) Yeah, that is why I keep the love flab baby. Gotta give her something to grip.

Next week it starts. I will be pushing for advertisers and sponsors for Bloggy Boot Camp in October here in Atl. Get ready I am a salesman at heart and I am coming for your support and or $$$$.
Next week it starts Part 2. Beach Body prep. Beach in a month or two and I have to fit into my ManKini. Time to get to work. Gotta get my T.O. body.

You sucka's have a great weekend. I am. Tell me your plans.

See wasn't that better than Part 1?

Kiss the Baby



Fridays Final Thoughts 7-8-11 Part 1. Had to get something off my chest.

This Daddy's Blog

Fridays Final Thoughts

Part 1

An awesome Friday coming off a short week.

It has been a decent week. Work is good, wife is fabulous, kids are fantastic. I am in fact ready for another good weekend.

There is something though that is weighing heavy on me.  I take great pride in being a good husband. I would like to say great but I am not even close. I have a lot of faults.  I would like to consider myself a fair dad. I have major room for improvement in that area. I'm still short on patience and sometimes, well most of the time that bites me in the ass.

But I am working everyday on that.

I am also quick to the tongue. I often speak without thinking but not this time. Bold and blunt but I have thought about this.

I have to get this off my chest before I explode into a crazy rage that's not only going embarrass me and my wife but I will be a bad example to my kids, and  it may end up with me in trouble.

When I met my wife, I promised her that I would love her and take care of her and protect her. NO matter what. I am putting it out there, while I know T of all people can handle her own shit, (trust me you do NOT want to mess with her),  I am saying that if you F with my wife for any reason, I am going to be a huge problem for you. HUGE. Take it how you want. But if you cross a line with my wife, even if she does handle her shit, I PROMISE you, PROMISE you, that I will hit the game winning shot and walk to the shower. Kiss the Baby, End of Story. Period. Don't Try Me.

My blog, my words.

Kiss the Baby!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Keeping it close to home today

Who knows what today is?

Its Thursday....That is right and that means it is time for


Roy Williams...Thank You, for mailing your girlfriend a ring and a video proposal. Now we know you not only suck as a receiver in the NFL but also as a boyfriend.

Atlanta Schools...Thank You, for getting caught cheating. Public schools..gotta love em. Just keep building my case for why Homeschooling is better.

T...Thank You, for shaving my back. You're the best back shaver in the world. And I know how much you love to lay your hands on my smooth back.

C4...Thank You, for not having a nasty poop in your cloth diaper while Mommy was gone on Monday shopping. You finally realized that I am allergic to poo poo.

All my readers...Thank You, for what you are about to get hit with. I am going to hammer you with requests and proposals for donations and sponsors so I can be sent to the Bloggy Boot Camp here in Atlanta in October.

My Black Impala...Thank You, for being about as much as a heat box as you can be. I love the heat and the sun but you are pushing me to the limit of having to break away from being a cheap ass and get the a/c fixed.

Me, Myself and I...Thank You, for continuing the slide back into the fatness. Slacking and falling into a rut of not going like I NEED to and WANT to. And the excuses are wearing thin.

C1, C2, C3...Thank You, for being such awesome swimmers. It lets me focus and be a helicopter parent and hover over C4 to take the fun away from him and make sure he is ok by the pool.

Love and Logic...Thank You, for you emails and tweets that allow me to be reminded that I need to work on things to be a better dad. Cause at times I really do suck.

Hand out your own Thank You Notes.

Kiss the baby


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