Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 7-15-11....You figure it out.

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Well here we are on this awesome Friday and its not that awesome. Slept in, skipped the gym after a nice snuggle night with the wife. No Po-Do just the snuggle.  Got outside and was getting ready to leave for work and

F-ing car wouldn't start.
Tried using the jump box. No luck
Tried using the van and cables. No luck

So T was awesome enough to let me drive the Mafia MiniVan. And that means she is stuck at home all day. Which means she better be cleaning, doing laundry, cooking and well ok, I am kidding. She can do whatever the hell she wants.

So I will be picking up a battery and seeing if that works after work today.

Ok. I have 3 months to get ready for this and to find someone to sponsor me for this.
Bloggy Boot Camp
October 22, 2011
The thing you need to know is that most conferences, including BBC, will not allow you to pass out items or swag on behalf of the sponsor- you need to do all their promoting on your own site. Since our ticket is relatively inexpensive compared to most, you might be able to find a local company interested. You are welcome to wear a t-shirt promoting them and speak to other attendees about them- you just can't pass out marketing info.
So there. If you are a local company, I will pimp your shit.
Planking is something new i guess. I am late to the show on this one. But after seeing Nikki's Life as we know it post yesterday, I am going to T take pictures of me doing this all weekend long and the C's too.

I started singing the chorus to this song a while back and then played it on my phone for C3 and she LOVES it. We danced to it last night and she asks me to play it for her all the time so here it is

I have so much to do this weekend. Not sure where I will even start. Some movies I want to rent. Gotta hit the gym. Not going to build anything like my brother in law but I will lie and say that I did. Gotta get T to shave my back...AGAIN. Gotta shave the arms and chest...AGAIN.

I am sure T can come up with the list of "to do" and I will get it done.  Maybe..

I know C1 and C2 will tell me over and over the Lego sets that they are "GETTING"..Really??? C3 will ask me to play on my phone probably a few hundred times. C4 will stay up T's ass, so I am not worried about him.

I am going to shop for T a new laptop.

I am not sure what else is going on this weekend, wait..

I know a old couple that is celebrating a wedding anniversary this weekend. Like 29 years. They are also trying to sell the house in Va. so they can hurry and get to the retirement ranch in the Hill Country outside San Antonio, Tx.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Enjoy your weekend and hope the house sells soon.
Other than that....Have a great weekend
Kiss the Baby


Erin July 15, 2011 at 1:06 PM   Reply to

Happy Weekend to you! Sorry that the car wouldn't start...I would have taken that as a sign and crawled back in bed and snuggled with the wife if I was you. Your parents look like fun! Happy Anniversary to them.

Partyof6 July 18, 2011 at 7:03 AM   Reply to

great job on the radio show last night! i thought you made all of non spanking dads proud with your statements.

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