Friday, July 29, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 7-29-11....The week that I turned 39 and then some

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What a week. Its almost over. Are you as happy as I am?  Probably not. But you can pretend to be.

It may seem like it but I am not one to jump up and down about my birthday. I dont really care about it. I have to spend it working all day. If I got to have the day off and spend all day with T and the C's then I might parade myself out there and let it be known. I almost made it the entire day at work without anyone knowing it was my birthday Wednesday. And for being 39, I can still break it down.  But the best part about it being my birthday is actually happening tomorrow.  I will do a post Sunday about it. So come back and see then.

School is getting closer. The kids stuff came in and they were so excited. I think this is going to be a great year for them and T is once again excited to be the learning coach.  I being the know all about everything, actually DONT know shit about T, C1, C2 and the stuff they do for homeschooling. What, When, Where, How....I know NONE of that. If you have a question about what the kids are learning, stuff they are doing....ASK T. Cause all I will do is lie to you and pretend I know.

Tomorrow morning is clean the storage room morning. T has a consignment sale coming up and I have to get all the fall clothes out and find toys. Im telling you people, if you need nice clothes hit her up...I am going to be finding and getting rid of some of my sports stuff. I have to..Its that time. If it is not worth anything it is going bye bye. Get ready for some pic's and post's about the sports shit i  hoard.

Football is back. Fantasy Football is back. I know I have sent out some invites to the Balls vs. Boobs League. I want to have 10 vs. 10. Lets do this. If I sent you an invite or asked you if you wanted one, let me know. We are doing the live draft again on Aug.19th at 10pm. Its fun, trash talking and picking and watching the players and games. No $, just good times.

So T...Yeah she loves her a little Tom Brady. And T, she is a fan of the OchoCinco. Now that they are on the same team...I bet she will be wearing that Patriots jersey on Sundays. Could you imagine the tension in our house if the Falcons and the Patriots made it to the Bowl. WOW. All I can say is WOW.

This is for real this time. I have been SO slacking in the hair removal department. But this is the weekend. Actually tonight is the night. I am getting rid of it tonight. Cause tonight tonight tonight oooo ooooo, Gonna make it right tonight tonight tonight ooo   ooooo.  Ok, enough, of the Phil Collins.

Back to football. I am in the pissed off department right now. I love my Falcons. I like the players. I like the coaches. I like the owner and the gm. What I am upset about is that as I got the ok from T to go to one game this year, we started looking for tickets. How in the hell do they expect us regular ass people to buy these tickets when they are jacked up. Players and Owners make money, I get it, I know they need and have to live and they get hurt and yada yada yada, save that shit for another day for someone that doesnt know about sports. I F-ing know about sports, marketing, money and how it all works. But for the love of god. I want to go to a game and not have to take a damn loan out. Stay tuned for this, too.

Well that is it. Im gonna make it through the day and then spend the weekend with T and the 4 C's. Might get into some trouble, might do something a lil crazy. Might try something new, might not. I will be on the twitter all weekend as I always am, and you can follow me and see all that I do or dont do.

Oh and I know these two old people, older than my 39 year old self, they have their house on the market up in Va, and they are wanting to retire and move to TX.  Do them a favor, so I dont have to hear them stress about it anymore...Do a dance at some point over the weekend, a sales dance. Thanks.




Chrissy July 31, 2011 at 9:53 AM   Reply to

I had no idea you were so old. How can I relate to you with this huge age difference? ;)

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