Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hall Pass. What would you do?


So T and I watched this movie this past weekend. Now I am a stupid movie freak and I thought this movie was so funny and T actually thought it was funny too. (Surprise)  But just like we do with every movie we watch and analyze. Well at least I do.

So Hall Pass. A week off of marriage. To do whatever you want without consequence. Umm. Yeah. Know what that spells in my house?  Trouble.

Lets look at this. T comes to me and give me a Hall Pass. First I know damn well that I need it in writing and signed by her while I stand there. Notarized and stamped and viewed by our friend Steve who is a local police officer, so he is the witness. It is then placed in a safe that only I have the key and code to.

YeeeeHaaaaw bitches..It is on like donkey kong.  T and the kids are gone for a week, I have the freedom to do anything I want for the WHOLE week.

Well realize that as a husband and a father that stuff around the house still needs to get done. Yard work, the honey do's and laundry and whatever else. So after getting that shit done, I would probably feel a little wild and crazy and ......

Go to the gym...yeah, probably for real. They have ESPN there and I don't even have that at home.  Call up all the homies after that and ummm, probably get no answer, so I would go home..sit on the couch and wonder what T and the C's are doing.  Play some Wii, rent some redbox movies, watch some dirty movies...yeah I said it, I'm honest.  Would I go out and party...ummmm NO. I may go to Taco Mac and eat some wings, probably run into T's mom and her brother, watch more ESPN, I don't drink so I will drive myself home.  Pop in some country music love songs by Brad Paisley or Keith Urban and cry as I sing to myself pretending T is there.  Get home, take a bath, shave my chest and arms, cry as I realize that T is not there to shave my back.

I am stoked thinking that it is only Saturday and I have an entire week of this. Hell Yeah.  Wait. I have to work all week. I have to cook all week, I don't eat out, I'm a cheap ass, NO sex cause I am not gonna use the HALL PASS to cheat on my wife, that is crazy..she rocks my the only other thing I can think of is to.. about how much I miss T and the C's.  Call her and the kids back home early.

Marriage has its ups and downs and that is fine and well. But getting a week off to do whatever you want. Hell, I don't have a clue of what I would do. Honestly. The movie was funny as anything I have seen in a while, but the end result is the same...The guys missed the wives, yeah they are hornballs, but so am I, I am always trying to get T pregnant (even though I had the BIG V years ago...don't tell her).  Guys always talk shit and mad game about how we would do this and that and women love us and they are lucky to have us and really us men are lucky that ONE woman was actually dumb enough to say "I DO" and take on the role of making us GOOD WELL BEHAVED ADULTS.

So T, if you ever feel the need to offer me a HALL PASS, just get me a ticket to a Falcons game, some chicken for tailgating and some Sprite and I will be fine for the Sunday afternoon.

If you want to laugh, see the movie.
If you want to love, keep your wife.
If you want to LIVE, turn down the HALL PASS!

Kiss the Baby


Ado July 19, 2011 at 12:41 PM   Reply to

This is such a sweet post, and I bet your wife smiled when she read the stuff about the hall pass. (-:

Helene July 19, 2011 at 4:34 PM   Reply to

Awwww, this is like the sweetest post EVER!!!! T is a very lucky woman!!!

Siera July 19, 2011 at 9:47 PM   Reply to

I figured you'd do that. We watched it and I thought it was tad lame. I've had a few days to myself as has my other half. I usually sleep, do nothing as I am usually at my dad's place while our son i at home with his dad or hang out with my girls. His dad usually sits at home online or games with buddies. We live exciting lives.

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