Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Eight is Enough.

It is already Thursday and that means it is time for me to thank some of those people that make a difference in my week. 

And how do I do that? 

By handing out some Thank You Notes

Nancy Grace...Thank You, since the trial you have become the biggest bitch in the eyes of my wife and now she cant stand you...just like me.

Stephanie(@GGirlGGreen)...Thank You, for being the coolest hippest hippie Earth loving Tom Hanks Mermaid Darrly Hannah lookalike wannabe around..even though you are not American.

HHGregg & HP...Thank You, for your sweet deal on our new laptop. I now trust that T wont be trying to toss any laptops out of the windows anymore.

Mama M(@5crookedhalos)...Thank You, for calling yourself a "Yanker" on twitter this morning. I'm sure your "Mr. Wonderful" loves to hear you say that!

Diana(@lifeasaSAHM)...Thank You, for telling T and I you miss us this morning. The mirror at my gym told me that same thing today also.

Shaun White...Thank You, for not missing X Games17 just because I cant watch.

Ryan Sheckler...Thank You, for not offering me a trip to the X Games17, the kids have never traveled that far and would have been hard for us.

Trey Wingo(@Wingoz)...Thank You, for being the coolest man without socks since Sonny Crockett graced the sand of Miami.

Is there anyone you would like to hand Thank You Notes out to?

Kiss the Baby 


Good Girl Gone Green July 23, 2011 at 9:16 PM   Reply to

Thank you!! You put a BIG smile on my face!

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