Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Keeping it close to home today

Who knows what today is?

Its Thursday....That is right and that means it is time for


Roy Williams...Thank You, for mailing your girlfriend a ring and a video proposal. Now we know you not only suck as a receiver in the NFL but also as a boyfriend.

Atlanta Schools...Thank You, for getting caught cheating. Public schools..gotta love em. Just keep building my case for why Homeschooling is better.

T...Thank You, for shaving my back. You're the best back shaver in the world. And I know how much you love to lay your hands on my smooth back.

C4...Thank You, for not having a nasty poop in your cloth diaper while Mommy was gone on Monday shopping. You finally realized that I am allergic to poo poo.

All my readers...Thank You, for what you are about to get hit with. I am going to hammer you with requests and proposals for donations and sponsors so I can be sent to the Bloggy Boot Camp here in Atlanta in October.

My Black Impala...Thank You, for being about as much as a heat box as you can be. I love the heat and the sun but you are pushing me to the limit of having to break away from being a cheap ass and get the a/c fixed.

Me, Myself and I...Thank You, for continuing the slide back into the fatness. Slacking and falling into a rut of not going like I NEED to and WANT to. And the excuses are wearing thin.

C1, C2, C3...Thank You, for being such awesome swimmers. It lets me focus and be a helicopter parent and hover over C4 to take the fun away from him and make sure he is ok by the pool.

Love and Logic...Thank You, for you emails and tweets that allow me to be reminded that I need to work on things to be a better dad. Cause at times I really do suck.

Hand out your own Thank You Notes.

Kiss the baby



Lori July 7, 2011 at 1:20 PM   Reply to

Ditto to the Atlanta schools getting caught! That's a hard one to swallow.

Hope y'all are having a super summer!

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