Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...No Really Thank You, from the bottom of my...

Some of you may be new, some of you are daily readers and for that I thank you.  Some of you may be just passing by as you searched for "sleep pee'ing" or "blue ball" and landed here.  There may even be a few stalkers.

My favorite guy besides myself is Jimmy Fallon. And he does a thing called "Thank You Notes" on his Friday show.  So, I stole it from him and that is why we have

Atlanta Public Schools...Thank You, for your scandal and giving us just one more reason to believe that Homeschooling Rocks!

C1 and C4...Thank You, No matter how late it is and no matter how bad Daddy is trying to get some, you two always seem to walk into the room.

The Name Callers...Thank You, trust me I have been called worse than a Canary

Justin Bieber...Thank You, for your new fragrance "Someday". Someday I may want to smell like you. But not now.

Missing Dog Returns...Thank You, for returning home after 7 years. Prompting Super Rock Band Journey to re-record "Don't Stop Believing"

Ga. Redneck Games...Thank You, Dublin, Ga. for having these. Only problem was that the company that was going to drop a dome and lock the Necks in there didn't show up.

@IamOffdaChain/MC...Thank You, My Twin, for hosting an Internet Radio show. I had no idea that could be done without ME. That is why I call in all the time.

Andrea(@My4RedHeads)...Thank You, You could be the only person that argues with me about why the "thank you notes" go out and who they go to

Katie(@KatiesPickles)...Thank You, for realizing that you CAN NOT pick up dudes while driving a VW Beetle.

All My Readers...Thank You, for coming by. I swear if I were in paper form you would be reading me in the bathroom. Maybe you do..On your smart phone...hint

Anyone you would like to give a Thank You Note to?  Here is your chance!

Kiss the Baby



christopher (@twistedxtian) July 14, 2011 at 3:04 PM   Reply to

haha, read AND commented while sitting on the can. :D

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