Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Trial.

The trial.

People will remember. People will forget. People care. People dont.

I was mad. Now Im not. Dont really even care at this point anymore.  Does it matter what I think, no not really. Does it matter what you think, no not really.

Im not going to even mention the names, the issues, the verdict.  Why?  Cause you already know. And you already have moved on with your lives. It may bother you. Guess what, people, the person in front of you in traffic, they bother you too. The person who f-ed up the loaf of bread in the store that you had to move to get a fresh one..that bothered you too. So many of us use our energy to let things bother us that we dont have any control over.

She did, she didnt, maybe we find out, maybe we dont. They won it, they lost it. OK.

 This I do know.

There are court trials everyday. Guess what? They all have an ending. You agree, you dont. Most of them you dont even know about.  Parents die everyday. Children die everyday. Some of them from natural causes, some of them are killed, some are accidents.  People go to jail everyday, people are let out of jail everyday.

I have six people that I wake up everyday for. T, the 4 C's and me.  If I let something that I dont have control over bother me, it takes away from my goal of taking care of the six of us.

This is just a quick thought on the Trial. I will not post on it anymore or blog about it anymore. Im sure I will talk about it on twitter but thats about it.

Stay tuned for Thank You Note Thursday...

Kiss the Baby



Unknown July 7, 2011 at 9:19 AM   Reply to

I hear she's opening up her own Daycare center when she's completely free.

*ba-dum tiss*

Sorry, I'll stop.

Good Girl Gone Green July 7, 2011 at 9:47 AM   Reply to

You are so right! People speed way too much time on things they have zero control over. Instead, we should concentrate our energy on the things we can control! Happy Thursday! :)

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