Monday, July 25, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.......A nice lazy weekend.

What a nice lazy weekend.

Some of us were a bit under the weather this weekend.

Tried to deal with stupid computer and printer and wireless problems all weekend. All because I cant find a f-ing disk that installs the printer to the new laptop. I looked everywhere and it is no where.

Had the kids playing out in the water for a little bit.

T beat me at a game of basketball and so did C1. And for the record I dont let them beat me, I hate losing. And T wouldnt even give me a rematch.

Our garden looks like shit. Millions of bugs, millipedes everywhere even on our basement. Our two compost bins...They suck ass. Not breaking down at all, so I think I am going to dump them and burn that shit.

I took C2 out Saturday morning to run some errands with me. Some one on one time. Try to connect with him a little and give him some attention.

T and I went against our original judgement and let the kids play Indiana Jones Lego on the Wii yesterday for a little bit and it feels good to know that we made the right choice to let them play and when they ask if they can have it we can tell them not at this time because of the violence in the game. It had guns and we dont do the guns thing. Not in legos, not in the pool, NO GUNS!!!

T cooked some awesome meals this weekend. Her famous crock pot chicken tacos, a awesome omelet, chicken taco quesadilla. So good. 

T and I started watching the Harry Potter Movie. We started at number 1 and have watched some of it. We cant decide if we like it yet. May have to finish it and check another out. 

See, lazy weekend. We didnt do a whole lot but we had a great weekend.

Maybe the NFL owners and players will get their heads out of their ass' today and end the lockout.

Kiss the Baby



Erin July 25, 2011 at 3:43 PM   Reply to

I'm a no guns girl as well :) Dru not so much...Give Harry Potter a chance, you will like it - Promise!

~Rachel July 26, 2011 at 5:12 PM   Reply to

We had to stop letting the kids play the Batman and Robin lego game because they became violent with each other. I would just like to find a game they like that won't cause a wrestling match all day long! :)

We are a no guns family as well. We have bended that a bit over the past few months but it still bothers me to see so many guns in toys,, etc.

I love how you guys try to have one on one time with each kid. We really need to work on that more!

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