Monday, July 11, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.......Parenting and the Gym...They are the same..really they are

Parenting and the Gym.

These two things can be similar in several ways.

Both take hard work, dedication, long hours, up early, up late..there are so many way in which the two things are alike.

There are things that come up in both parenting and the gym that make the day hard to handle. It may be not letting your kids play something, watch something, do something or even eat what they want to eat.  It may be doing cardio, ab and core work or legs.

But the thing that keeps popping in my head for both, is that there has to be that dedication and consistent process that makes it easier and better and more fulfilling.

This weekend, one of the C's wanted to have some computer time and I had told him no. He did not like that answer and felt the need to get upset and show some emotions. He continued to ask and even tell me he was going to have that computer time and I continued to tell him no and then the emotions came back, until he understood that it just wasn't going to happen.

Now me doing cardio or ab work compares to that. I hate doing cardio and ab work at the gym but I know that it is too easy for me to quit so the parent side of me reinforces the fact that it needs to be done. I stick to my guns get that work in and just like the C wanting his computer time, all good things come to those that wait.  He got his computer time later and I felt good about the cardio and ab work I put in.

Yesterday, one of the C's wanted a piece of chocolate. We told him, eat a piece of banana first, then you may have a piece of chocolate. He didn't want it like that.  He tried to negotiate it and it didn't work for him.  He lost out on a piece of chocolate for the simple fact that he didn't want to eat a piece of banana. He gave up and quit on eating a banana and lost the treat.

So this morning. I did the same thing. I quit and gave up. I usually do legs on Mondays but this morning instead of doing what I needed to do to get my treat (which is getting legs out of the way) I skipped it and did some chest and abs.

Like I said both require hard work and time.

Both will come with joy and pain. You will even have sweat and tears.
You can even throw up with both.

But in the end....
You will look in the mirror and smile.

Kiss the baby!



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