Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Would You Do? I think I am wrong, but I think I am right too.

Well it is Tuesday and I am back and better than ever.  It was nice to have a longer weekend which results in a shorter week.

"What would you do?"  The tv show that puts actors and actress' in situations and and lets the general public act or react or do nothing at all in some cases. One of the ones they did this past week was where they put a teenage boy and girl (boyfriend and girlfriend) in a park and the boy was being very abusive to her verbally and somewhat physically.

My first comment to T was..."I would so beat that kids ass!"  My next comment was..."Honey, you would be raising the kids by yourself for a while!", meaning I would be in jail for hammering a little punk ass for laying hands on my daughter.

One thing I will NEVER stand for when it comes to T and C3 is ANYONE putting hands or verbally abusing them. T can take care of herself but I will still handle business if anyone messes with her. C3 well I don't care, I will straight hurt someone if they do something to her.

Now T had the more mature response by saying "Well hopefully C3 would not be in that situation, or would kick the guys ass herself" And she also said that maybe we are going to raise her in the right way to not be a part of that in the first place.

My thoughts on this are probably not the best. I actually don't know how I would handle myself in this case. I say as of now, I would really really hurt a boy if he talked to my daughter or put hands on my daughter like that.  But is that the right thing? Probably not. Two wrongs, and no violence and not making it better for us, making it worse for us as a family by me getting in trouble.

I am not sure. I know in public, I would like to think I would be one of the ones that would say something to another person if that was going on, but my own daughter, that is hard. I really have to think about it, cause right now, I would hurt a kid. 

Brings me to another thing. I have never understood why a boy, a man (so called) would have to, need to, want to, put his hands on a female. Just doesn't make sense to me. Am I any better for saying that I would slam a boy for doing that to my daughter? No, but that is the part where I need to grow more and figure out how I would make that a better situation. I hate even thinking about it, but it was on the show and that is why it boiled my blood.

So let me try to grow as a person before that is even an issue. My favorite niece is dating a boy and she is getting older. I wonder how her DAD Drew feels about it. I may need to call him and ask. 

As for now I am going to continue to punch myself in the face anytime my sweet little C3, screams and yells at the top of her lungs about C4 being in her bed. I am going to run and hide when she is throwing "daddy this and daddy that" at me.

I am not going to think about it any more at this point because she is 4. Not 14, not 24 and I don't have to worry about any boys except her 3 brothers, and she handles them just fine.

I love my little sweetie.

Fathers, what would you do in this case?  Mothers what would you want your husband to do?

Kiss the baby

TOMORROW - I have the best review coming. You are not going to believe what company let ME do a product review. Some of you are going to be so sick when you see this...


Dana K July 5, 2011 at 12:09 PM   Reply to

I would want my husband to post my bail after I beat that kid's ass for laying a hand on my daughter.

Lindsey @ The Hill House July 5, 2011 at 1:45 PM   Reply to

Unfortunately my very best friend is in a relationship that is abusive, and unfortunately what we think we would do is often not the right thing to do. Because if we did what we *wanted* to do, I would beat the Mother*******'s ass for touching her. But I know that my friend is still at such a low point of self-esteem that he would twist anything I did and make it seem like I did it to hurt her, not get revenge or whatever for her. And that would only push her further away from me and towards him, which will only end badly for her. I hope and pray that you never have to face this situation with ANYONE you know. It's a shitty place to be in, for sure.

Wynter July 6, 2011 at 10:10 AM   Reply to

We have not been faced with that. Hopefully we never will. From what she says they come in a little scared when they meet him. She tells him right away that he is a Marine and puts up with no BS. Hopefully it will be the same way when the other 2 are old enough to start dating. With that being said I have no idea what he would do if someone abused one of our girls in any way. When she was little somone hit her, for not eating something she didn't like.. Its a good thing he wasn't around when that happened. Things may have turned out different.

Scott S. July 6, 2011 at 2:23 PM   Reply to

Mad, is so lucky to have a awesome dad like Drew that cares for her and will look out for her. I know he will watch out and make sure no one harms the 3 little ladies of his life. Uncle Scott is here for back up.

Daria July 6, 2011 at 4:55 PM   Reply to

I KNOW I'd say something. I always put my nose where it doesn't belong - just can't help myself most times. I may not address the boy, but would take the girl out of there and away from him. Remove the confrontation and get her away. But who the hell really knows? My girls are 9 and 3... but the 9 year old wants to be 19 so I don't think we're too far away from boyfriends unfortunately.

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