Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Won Over by a SmartAss Comment From a Radio Guy..Go Figure

Better late than never. I was a little blocked today on what I was going to write about but then just like a child smacking you in the balls with a bat, it hit me, woke me up and here it is. Didn't hurt like the bat though.

So last week I was talking shit on twitter about a fm radio show that I had never even listened to. A friend of ours was talking about the show and I was dogging it out. Then just out of the blue the shows main man, the host hit me up on twitter and wondered what the deal was.

This is where it got good and funny.  I told the guy (on twitter) that I was dogging his fm radio show that I had never listened to and that was all.  Well a little bit of time passed and he came back and told me he couldn't give me shit about a blog he had never read either. (Meaning my blog!)

That was classic. An awesome comeback. At that very point I had to start following this guy on twitter. I mean this is a big local fm radio guy here in Atlanta. I don't listen to regular radio, I love the satellite radio. I had never even given the guy a chance. But since he checked out the blog, I owed it to him to listen to the show.  So I listened to the show and hit him up told him, I checked it out and he said they were on vacation. Damn it! F-ing re runs.

So I gave it a listen again starting yesterday. And as I was listening I noticed something.  This radio show is alot like a blog. They are covering topics and having discussions with callers and each other and they agree and disagree. No arguing, that was different.  I read alot of blogs, parenting blogs, family blogs, things that teach and help parents and covers areas dealing with things about children and trust me I don't agree with everything I read and everyone doesn't agree with what I write.

As I was listening to the show yesterday and today, I was getting aggravated just like I do when I read a blog I don't agree with. I wanted to call in and give my two cents worth but didn't. He covered the Atlanta Schools cheating scandal. Today they were talking about kids in restaurants. This guys show is basically a live radio blog. That is how I see it. A live radio blog, that discusses topics and he has his millions of listeners just like I have my millions of readers. Well ok, almost 200 readers but its the same.  People listen to his show for him, or the other guy, or either of the two ladies.  People read my blog for me, mostly to hear about T or the 4 C's.

But the reason most of the people check out his show and blogs are one in the same. They get personal enjoyment and they feel that connection with everyone. You start to learn about the radio hosts and the people that the blog is about. They have regular callers and I have regular readers.

So to you Bert, I can honestly say that I never in a million years thought I would be listening to your show. Seriously, NEVER. I always talked shit about your show and never even listened. And then in my own taste and style you hit me with a smart ass comeback and that won me over. So now that the satellite radio going back to my buddy, I guess I have to make my hour drive to work somewhat crazy, and listen to the regular radio.  So I will be listening to you and don't know if I will ever call in or not but I'm sure I will probably curse some people out just like I have the past two mornings.

If you have a minute check out "The Bert Show" on 99.7 (Q100) and follow him on Twitter @BertShowBert

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