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Aggressive Dogs. Where do you draw the line?

Do you have a dog, big or small?  Do you have children?  What would you do if that "mans best friend" become aggressive towards your spouse or your children?

There is a local big time radio personality Bert from the Q100 Bert Show a morning radio show.  The other day he tweeted about how his English Bulldog got after his wife as she was trying to put the leash on him.  Bite marks, scratch marks up and down her arm. Bert has even mentioned that the dog has done this to him before. His dilemma is what to do with the dog.  Try and have it trained, get rid of it, a caller of his even said to "put it down". So his update as of this morning was that he and his wife are going to discuss it this weekend.

Now here is MY opinion on his matter and the general matter of it all together.  T and I and the 4 C's have a dog. A boxer. Laila. We had another boxer Tyson that passed away when C1 was very little.  T has worked in Vet Clinic's and Emergency Animal Hospitals before in Ga. and in Tx. She is very educated on animals and her favorite breed is the boxer. Laila takes a lot from the kids but she have never and I mean NEVER shown any kind of aggression towards the kids or T and I.

But let me say this...If our dog, Laila, which we have had for 7 years ever attacked the C's or T or I, she would not only be out the door, she may be out of the door in a plastic bag.  T says she would be taken to the Humane Society, me on the other hand, I would probably not handle it as well.  If the dog attacked me or T, I probably could just get rid of it, give it away..whatever.  But if the dog attacked one of the C's, my first gut instinct would be to take it out behind the fence and take care of it Old Yeller style.  I know that's cruel and mean and unloving to do that..But I have a a job, duty, responsibility, heart that beats and every beat is about protecting my family. My kids. If it happened once and I tried to fix the dog and rehab the dog and then it happened again and it may be worse than before, who is to blame?

How many times would it take? For me ONCE!!! That's it, no bullshit, no talking, no trying!!!  I mentioned this before but Bert has said on his show that his English Bulldog dog has done this before to him. That should have been it. How is he going to feel if that dog hurts his children. He has two boys. The 2 H's. Kids around the age of 2 of mine. How is his wife going to feel towards him if he petitions to keep the dog and this happens to one of the boys. I get a feeling that he would be so hard on himself and he would NEVER forgive himself. So what are you waiting for? T and I said last night that at this point it should really be his wife's choice and hopefully she wouldn't want that dog around. I know he loves his dog, but damn dude..Look at pictures of your boys, is it worth the risk? What about long term affects on the boys and how they would feel about dogs in the future if something happened?

Some dogs are provoked. On purpose, on accident. Some kids play rough with their family dog. Some dogs can take it and some cant. Does your 2 year old know that pulling a dogs tail or getting in the face of a dog that is eating can be harmful?  Probably not. That is what parents are for. To protect our children. 

I love my dog. I like animals. I don't go out looking to hurt animals. I'm not a hunter. Whatever. But at the same time, I am not one of those people that say "My dog is like my child" F-That! I loved Tyson and cried when he passed. I love Laila. I will cry when she goes. But she is not my child. She is my dog. And she is not up on the same level as my kids. She sleeps outside. She eats outside. She pee's and shits outside. So to the people that say their animals are like their children, have children and then try saying that. If you have children and pets and you still say that...Well...I think you are nuts.  NO ANIMAL can EVER be loved by me as much as I love my children. Dogs can be replaced..Your children cant!

You may agree, you may not. Everyone protects their family in their own way. I will never purposely put my family in harms way. I feel like keeping an aggressive dog does that.

What would you do?  What should Bert do?

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Bree M August 4, 2011 at 10:41 AM   Reply to

I've had this conversation with my husband on many occasions. For me it would depend on the situation.
My dog as no aggressive bone in her body and the two year old mauls her on a daily/hourly basis. I have no worry that she would ever bite.
She has bitten me before, in the face. She was just a puppy and had a broken leg that I touched and she snapped at me. Obviously I didn't get rid of her as she is still in my life 4 years later.

Scott S. August 4, 2011 at 11:14 AM   Reply to

Bree, our dog take the beating from the kids too, but if your dog did go after your two year old, what would you do? We dont have a worry either about Laila, but she would be so gone so fast.

Daria August 4, 2011 at 11:32 AM   Reply to

We fostered dogs for a couple of years and were exposed to SO many sweet natured, not an aggressive bone in their body dogs that I have no tolerance for any aggression. Not with kids. My kids have ridden our dogs, bitten our dogs, gouged their eyes, ears and mouths...and our dogs may have hidden when our kids came near, but I have no worries they would snap. In fact, we adopted two boxers - sisters - from the humane society and the prettier one snapped at our 2 year old. Not trying to bite, just warning her off from pulling on her nub. We gave the dog away on craigslist and kept the other sister.

Can't tolerate even the possibility of your kids being hurt. Just not worth it and tons of loving dogs waiting for homes.

Jenny Georgio-who August 4, 2011 at 3:16 PM   Reply to

I already answered you on Twitter but I figured this is just a good place as any.

I have a huge dog, an 80lb Weimaraner dog who has the patience of a saint. Dallas is a star when it comes to being with Demi and putting up with her hitting him, pulling on his ears and tail.

I wouldn't tolerate Dallas acting aggressively towards anyone in my house. The first day we brought Demi home he was curious. He went to sniff her, she got scared, she cried, he snapped at her but he didn't make contact. My husband practically threw the dog across the room. Ever since then he has been so gentle with her. I have videos on Facebook of them playing together and people just can't believe how calm he is with her.

My #1 piece of advice that I would give to anyone with a dog that is bringing home a baby for the first time. NEVER EVER tell your dog NO in regards to the baby. Always say Easy, Slow, Gentle or whatever. If you say no the dog will grow to resent the baby and the one minute you aren't watching, it will act out.

I think the radio host is a dumb ass for keeping an aggressive dog at home with his wife and child. Yes, you are sad to get rid of the dog or put the dog down or whatever the case is but wouldn't you be more sad if your child is mauled by your dog? Just make sure you know where your dog is going if you have to get rid of it. I had prepared myself and my husband for having to get rid of Dallas if he ever bit Demi or if Demi was allergic.

christopher (@twistedxtian) August 4, 2011 at 10:18 PM   Reply to

Just to get this out of the way, hunters don't go out to hurt animals, they go out to kill them. (yes, it is semantics, but as a hunter, it is an important distinction)

Back to the focus of your post... ;)

I got my first dog when I was in grade 2. She was a rez dog that followed me home and I got to keep her.

A few months later she got knocked up and had puppies. And, like any good mom, she attacked the newspaper lady when she tried to approach the puppies.

My dad, thinking like you and knowing he had children to protect, took her out to a field and shot her. He loved her, we all did, but he wouldn't put his kids at risk for a dog.

Now that I have kids of my own, I'd do the same thing. I would not put my children in harms way for the sake of a dog.

Helene August 4, 2011 at 11:52 PM   Reply to

I totally agree with you....while I love all animals, it's just not worth the risk to your family if you can't trust the dog completely.

A parent has to protect their children, no matter what.

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