Friday, August 12, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-12-11.....Smell that? Smells like Matty Ice

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Friday morning and the sun is out. Ready to get the day started so it can get over with. The work part of it that is.

Had a good workout this morning at the gym. And you already know I am borderline woman the way I cry and complain about my body and how I look and etc... but it feels good when the guy that trained you at the gym tells you he can see a difference from when I first started going in. Now I don't see it, but if he sees it then I guess maybe its true. I'm at 208lbs and I need to get down to an even 200.  I actually busted my ass this week and got back on track being at the gym and only missing yesterday.

Speaking of busting my ass at a gym, our cousin Stephanie who is into the kickboxing and women's fighting and all that shit (for whatever reason) trains for that stuff and we made a swap deal. She comes and does Spin Class with me once and I will come take her kickboxing fighting class with her. So tomorrow morning I am going to get my ass kicked. This is not your cardio kickboxing class mind you, this is where we will be kicking bags and each other and shit like that. Fun huh?

So you know how some kids (hell even some adults) start looking forward to their birthday long before it gets there..Well C1 has a birthday coming up..In Sept. and he is in a Lego state of mind. Now T and I we don't mind the legos until

..they get all over the house
..we step on them
..C4 get them and the other C's make a all out war to get them back
..they find themselves in the kitchen when its time to eat

But legos do give the kids the chance to use their imagination and be creative.

So with the birthday coming up C1 printed out a list of every lego set he wants. Key word is wants. I know kids are like that. Hell I want a lot of shit too and I am 39. 

Speaking of legos one of my favorite daddy bloggers that I even gave a thank you note to yesterday Daddys In Charge makes the coolest video's using legos. The videos basically tell the story and use lego figures. The C's love watching his videos. So this weekend I am going to try and make a lego video.

I am also going to beg and beg and beg T to let me get ESPN back. I know I went without it last football season but it is so hard. I know paying bills is way harder and having a lower bill makes a difference, but I am going to ask and see if we can hook it up...just for football season. Foot and back rubs will be in full effect when this gets asked.

And speaking of football....
With the first preseason games starting last night it made me think of this..

And with my, yes I said it MY Atlanta Falcons playing tonight I am so excited to see my Dirty Birds take the field. I will have my gear on and I am recording the game so I can watch after the kids go to sleep and drool all over Matty Ice and Roddy White, NEW WR Julio Jones, my Defense. Ahhh, the Falcons. I love my team. Preseason Game 1 vs. the Dolphins.





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