Friday, August 19, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-19-11 Shucka Mucka Fukka

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It is Atlanta Falcons Friday.  The Falcons are on tonight, they are playing at Jacksonville. Go Falcons. I have my Falcon red on today.  I am glad this week is just about over. Seems like it has been a long one.

I have taken the last two mornings off from the gym so I could stay up later at night with T and we could have some US time.  We, or should I say I do and say stupid shit late at night. I think I am being funny and usually I am the only one laughing but last night we had a funny moment. For some reason or another I cant remember how much the kids weighed when they were born, I cant remember anything like that but I can remember songs from the past, word for word and sports trivia and shit like that. Well last night the song "Iko Iko" entered my head and the lyrics came out of my mouth. Well actually I didn't remember the exact lyrics but I had them going a little something like this..

Shucka Mucka Fukka Shucka Mucka Fina Fey talkin bout hey now...I hated that song. And then T says " I loved that song" So i kept singing Shucka Mucka Fukka Mucka Fukka Fina Fey...whatever. And then I found out this morning that this song was in a movie that I have never seen. "Rain Man" Hope never seen it.
Enjoy the Shucka Mucka Fukka

In a few weeks we will be at the beach and I am so ready for this vacation. The kids love going to the beach and so do I. I cant wait to play with the kids, sit and watch and TRY to relax some. Soak up the rays, Im gonna go fishing one day and try to catch us some food. Just to get away from it all and have fun with T and the C's, gonna be great.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your kids.

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