Friday, August 26, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-26-11......Im so Funky.

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With the storm of the century getting ready to hammer the east coast, I have to take a minute and say stay safe people up and down the east but I also have to thank mother nature for Irene coming a week early. Cause nothin' comes between me and my vacation.

I struggle with things sometimes. Like helping people when it is going to take me away from T and the C's. I have no problem helping others, I think of myself as a good friend but it is a struggle since I work so much and get only the weekends to spend that good quality time with the kids and T. Last night our uncle asked me to help him at his church unloading some organ pipes and pieces and I aske T and she didnt have an issue with it. He does alot for us and the kids and he did buy me dinner and I was able to be a helping hand. But I still kept telling myself inside that this sucked because I didnt get home until 11pm and the kids were all asleep.

I do have to say, when I got home and all the kids were laying in the bed, it did look so sweet.  But not sweet enough to give up my bed. I moved C2 first. That kids is so HEAVY. Then it was C3, she woke a little to see me and gave me a big hug. C1, who is almost as tall as T, well I got him to his room and he had to make it up to the top bunk on his own. C4, i just moved him a little to the spot between T and I.

So C1 turns 8 on the 3rd. Oh shit! Yes 8. I cant believe 8 yrs old. But since we will be on vacation, we are having his party tomorrow. A pool party. It is going to be fun. Cant wait.

Earlier this week I did a Post about Hayden, Dari and Jenn Nowkhah's son that is in ICU with some heart problems. 2 weeks old. Sucks. I am torn, I havent heard from Dari in a couple days and being the worrier that I am, well I am thinking about it and I cant bring myself to keep sending him messages and asking him. So I guess I am going to wait and hear from him and I will hope things get better.

On to lighter things...My yes my Atlanta Falcons play at Pittsburgh this Saturday and we have two more preseason games left before the real season starts. I expecting big things and I have promised T that no matter what happens, no yelling, no screaming, no breaking or slamming things in the house. Only deal I made with her is that when the Falcons win we do the PO-DO, and when they lose we do the PO-DO. I have not gotten the signed agreement back from her yet.

I have a confession to make. The other morning during spin class, a class in which I sweat my fat pig like ass off..I noticed that I smelled very bad. What bothered me about it was not the fact that I smelled, but the fact that I smelled like.......tuna. I swear, I kept putting my nose in my shirt to try and figure it out but damn I was funky like a can of bumble bee chunk light.

Maybe that is why i keep getting followed by cats.

Have a great weekend.

Kiss the Baby



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