Friday, August 5, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 8-5-11....My Despicable Back is hampering my ManKini audition..

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I'm probably the biggest bitch ass crybaby complainer when it comes to me and hurting myself or getting hurt or whatever. T hates listening to me, she hates offering me suggestions because I will not even listen to her and still cry like a baby. So Saturday I moved and removed and moved again every storage tub around our storage room. Every time I do this I jack my back. (Not to be confused with jacking something else).  This didn't hit me until until Wednesday night. After my 5am spin class that I lasted through, after a full day of finding cars to steal. I get up out of bed and BAM!!! I cant move. I cant F-ing move. So I guess I am going to listen to T and go see a chiropractor to see if he can try and fix my jacked up back. I worked before, so guess it may work again. (update-The doc isn't there on Saturday so I will see how my back feels over the weekend and go from there. So yes honey, you have to deal with me all weekend)

I turned my vacation time request in the other day and now the countdown is on. The Beach will be taken over by us soon. I cant wait. The C's love the Beach and so do I. If I could just rededicate myself to the gym and get my body ready. I have this killer ManKini I have been wanting to wear. I think they come in different colors. And just so you don't have to ask, yes..That is a sculpture of my actual body. I just have to ask T if she will be embarrassed by me wearing this.

During the summer the local movie theatre's have free movies and this week they had the last one since the kids in the area are starting school. It was Despicable Me. Now we have seen it before, the older C's liked it, C4 was little and probably hanging on the boob eating and sleeping or maybe just not interested in sitting and watching a movie. Well T told me that C4 sat there and didn't move. He was 100% attention on the movie. I got home and C4 was trying to act out parts of the movie. It ws cute.

Im gonna make some memories this weekend, dont know what they might be, I hope they will be good ones, but I am for sure going to make some.

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