Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Im giving Parenting Advice. You will learn..To either use or run the other way

Just because I write a daddy blog, doesn't mean I know anything about being a daddy or I am able to give others advice about being a daddy. But I do a damn good job at faking it. It can either be awesome, funny, shitty or downright stupid when people give you parenting advice.  You know it depends on where it comes from.  It comes in all shapes and sizes and in all forms. Blogs, tv, radio, twitter, news, etc.  So yesterday I got a tweet with a link from this guy. I guess you can say I have become an overnight fan of this guy from listening to him on the radio. So when Bert sent me the link with the message "This is so in your strike zone" I don't know if that is good or bad. Damn it. Well I had to read it.

JD Roberto did a story on the Huffington Post titled The Best Parenting Advice I Never Got. So without going over the whole thing, go read it, read his advice. I'm going to list his 10 things and give you my spin on them.

1. When they nap, you nap. Don't send emails, don't catch up on work. Nap.  Nap? I hate naps. When the kids sleep, I try and do stuff around the house. I love to do stuff to help T out. I mean she is home all day with four kids and she even says that is when you get the "ME" stuff done. Maybe when you have little babies, but as they get older...F the naps..Naps are for divacups.

2. Travel with your children when they are very young. At six months old it's just as easy to keep them entertained in Cozumel as it is in Cleveland. You might as well get a tan out of the deal.  We have traveled to Disney World. We have taken the kids to the beach. It's tough to travel with kids. You get in a routine and then it gets all messed up. But we are going to the beach next month with the 4 C's and we have the little potty and I have an adult diaper. Plus you know how much shit you have to pack with 4 C's? So to say its easy...I'm calling Bullsheeet!

3. Buy a rechargeable, cordless hand vacuum. Your floors and cars will thank you.  A Vacuum, a steamer mop, something to soak up liquids. Hardwood floors, the elephant like the one in that commercial that eats up everything that drops on the floor. And you better get a high powered something or other for the car. You will find shit in your car that your kids started eating MONTHS ago.

4. It's perfectly acceptable to make an entire dinner in the microwave.  Well that all depends. I don't make dinner. If I make a dinner that is in the microwave it is usually nachos. Or veggies that are in this steamer bowl thing that T has.  I would say more that it is acceptable to have breakfast for dinner. That shit rocks.

5. In every parent-child relationship someone has to be the grown up. Try to make sure that someone is you. A two-year-old has the right to act like a child, you do not. Wow, a serious advice piece of advice. I have trouble with this one from time to time. I too often forget that kids will act like kids and do kid like stuff. Then at the same time I will not always act like an adult and too much like T's 5th child. Now I usually only get into the kid to kid battle with C3. She can be like the sharpest splinter that gets in your skin and you cant get out.

6. Take everyone who volunteers to babysit up on the offer. Repeatedly. Umm. Not so fast. If you are like me and you work a million hours a week and you only see your kids for an hour or two a night and then on the weekends, you may want to turn those offers down. Trust me on this, you will kick yourself in the balls if you take EVERY chance to go do something withOUT your kids.  Take your kids out with you. Have inhome date nights instead of going out. Trust me on this too, inhome date nights usually end with some PO-DO. Just sayin'

7. Buy everything you can second-hand. I don't know about this. T is awesome with the steals and deals and uses coupons and alot of our clothes can be passed from boy to boy. Now C3 our only girl, T finds her alot of nice clothes on sale. And since we pretty much own stock in Boden Clothing, we get free clothes from them. Kidding. Coupons and Sales.

8. Make time for the other relationships in your life -- seeing you in the role of good friend or devoted spouse teaches your kids way more than a Baby Einstein marathon. I think this is something that your kids will pick up on and something that you can instill in them too. I make time for T. i 100% believe that the C's know I am a devoted spouse and see that in the way that i treat their mom.

9. There's no such thing as using too many wipes. Ohh, T would so not agree with this. I change diapers if she is not in the house or the local city. I will drive with child in shitty diaper to where she is. And now that she uses the cloth diapers and cloth cant I just hose the boy off. I use half a pack of wipes on one small dirty ass. And I'm talking about C4 not me.

10. There will be times when you're sure you are a terrible parent and, secretly, wonder why you ever had kids in the first place. This is normal. Forgive yourself these occasional moments of self-doubt and, from time to time, let yourself mourn your life pre-parenthood. Then have a healthy glass of wine, get some sleep and get back to work. After all, as you've no doubt heard, it's a tough job, but it's all worth it. I have been here before. Back when I drank all the time I used to feel like this alot. I used to be such an asshole at home and then at work I would call T crying and emailing her feeling so bad. A major part of why I stopped drinking. But you know for all the bad days and all the moments when you doubt yourself, you have many more of the good days.  I love my kids.  I am a great dad. I put T and the C's before anything. When you have these moments of doubt..Wait till your child or children are sleeping, and look at how peaceful and safe they are. That is because of you.

You may take anything away from this, other than I have some marbles loose, but you can take my advice and use it or make sure you don't use it. Either way...I helped!!!

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Siera August 10, 2011 at 9:57 PM   Reply to

I don't take all the free baby sitting when it's offered as I want to enjoy my son. Now that I work full time and he is in daycare weekends are our time together to relax and do all the stuff we used to when I was a SAHM. I take some, but not all. I need me time, but he needs his mommy especially now that his dad is deployed.

The Angry Scot August 11, 2011 at 5:42 AM   Reply to

Amazing post mate, i really enjoyed reading this one and you had some awsome advice.

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