Monday, August 1, 2011

A night to remember...........


I sat in the tub, shaving my arms, chest and then she came in to shave my back. That is love. A woman that will shave your back in the middle of the afternoon. ooohhhhh yeah.

So we pack the kids up, and head for their Nana's.  As we are driving down the interstate, it starts to pour. Then there is accident. We are starting to run late. We are not gonna make it. Then she looks at me and says  "Is this a sign that it's just not meant to be?"  We laugh. But nothing, not even a storm from hell on a Saturday afternoon is gonna stop us from.........


The kids are dropped, the rain is coming down still, T and I are wet from head to toe. I am nervous. Chewing on my sunglasses. This is the first time in 7+ years that we are leaving our kids. We have had plenty of in house date nights but never have we left our C's and gone OUT on a date.  I mean we are only going to be gone for a few hours but still, we just dont leave our kids.  As we are driving T, notices that her shirt smells in a way that she didnt like. Sour??? So she does what any mom would do at a time of smelly shirts, she took the bottle of Purell and rubbed it all over her sleeves. Yeah.

We got to the movies. T was taking me to the movies to see Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon. I was shocked that she was going to sit through this movie with me. She loves me. We shared popcorn and a coke and when I tried to put my arm around her...shot down!  When I tried to make out with her...shot down!  We watched and at the end of the movie, she said she actually liked it.

We leave the movie and T get a text from her mom that the kids are good and C3 is the only one that is missing us. My sweetie is missing us. So we are walking down the mall and T wants to go to Old Navy. We get in there and they are having a sale and the place is packed and a wreck.  We find some good finds for the kids, I got some stuff for me too, T got some shirts.  Then I got an education on the MENS Clothing line when we stopped by the GAP.  Gap-Rolled Up Shorts for Men , who the hell ever knew that these even existed. I didn't and there is no way in hell I am wearing those.  I almost tried a pair on just so T could Tweet a pic, we were laughing so hard. I had the sales guy in Gap laughing. Then T tells me a guy in Old Navy was wearing them. W--T--F? 

I guess you had to be there, but damn, that is some shit. Rolled up shorts for men??

So it gets even funnier from there. We are leaving and as we pass the store that carries all the shit that they say can only be bought on tv, we go in. The Shake Weight stares at me. There is a lady who is standing by looking like she wants to GRAB it but looks timid at the same time. I say to her "Touch it, its ok" and when she turns around, she looks about 15...Nice. That doesnt stop me though. I GRAB the ShakeWeight with authority and begin to go to town. T and I are laughing and then she points out the family that is watching me and laughing while I go to town. It doesnt help when you hold the ShakeWeight in front of your junk.

We go get the kids and they are happy to see us. C1 and C2 say they didnt miss us, C3 missed us and C4 was happy to be back in Mommy T's arms.  After a stop at Publix, we make it home, get the kids to sleep, then T and I finally finish the 1st Harry Potter movie. After that, the lights went out and T got her body rub and you know what happens from there.....A little Marvin Gaye played.....

.....and some PO-DO took place.....This was the kind of night that they write songs about...Movies are made of....TV's mini series are aired...We might have another one in...Say 7+ more years..

Thanks to my honey for planning a great date night out.




Gretta August 1, 2011 at 10:53 AM   Reply to

Congrats you guys!!! So glad you had a wonderful date night 2011 and you should do that at least once every 6 months! :)

Q August 1, 2011 at 8:13 PM   Reply to

That's really cool. I think i need to plan something like this for me and The Mrs. to get out and enjoy a movie. A change of scenery is nice from time-to-time.

christopher (@twistedxtian) August 4, 2011 at 10:24 PM   Reply to

Yay for date night! We had ours on Sunday, and while it has only been 18months since our last one, that was long enough for me.


Shake weights are awesome and I still can't believe they exist. They are something from an SNL skit and they should have stayed there.

I'd totally wear rolled-up shorts, and I'd look awesome in them (though my wife would probably disagree).

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