Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nascar and Parenting...Moms and Dads...Start Your Engines

Are you a fan of Nascar?  Ever watch a Nascar race? Hell do you even know anything about Nascar?  Well for some reason this morning I was thinking about how parenting is alot like a Nascar race. For those of you not into Nascar or don't know anything about it, let me give you a quick lesson.

You strap into your car, drive hundreds of laps, sometimes you encounter trouble, sometimes it runs smooth for long periods of time, and every so often you have to take a pit stop and fix your car, change things up a little, make adjustments and get back at it. At the end of the race, you know there are winners and losers but if you finish the race and can go at it another day then have done a good thing.

So here is where I make my sports to parenting comparison.  In parenting you know this is a long long race. You strap yourself into parenthood and get get ready for the wild ride. This ride can either be like the regular race track of life where you go around and around in circles till its over or you can be on what they call the road course and take the many twists and turns that come along.

We have four C's. They range in ages from 7 to 2. And we have been on both race tracks of life. There are times when we seem to be on the oval track, going round and round and round making only left turns and its the same thing over and over.  And that is ok. Even when you do that you run into problems. And when you run into those problems you take your pit stops and make your adjustments and then get back out there and continue the race.

I have even had days where I have had a major meltdown. My engine blew and just like the car, I couldn't finish that race. I couldn't handle that problem anymore. But I wait, think about what I could have done differently and try again later. And just like in Nascar where they have teams of drivers that work together, T and I work together as a team to make sure we always better each others position and we know where each other is.

Now the road course is alot different. Fast and slow pace of life. Speed up....slow down. Right then left then another left oh right. But the same rules apply. Know that you may have problems and be prepared to handle them. Handle them right and you make your race easier. Try different things and you may not be so lucky. But with trying new things you may also find that you can do something different and get the same or even a better result.

Like race cars that have sponsors and stickers and paint schemes and logos all over them, parent have the same make up. We are Mommy and Daddy.

And just like Nascar, where some races are longer than others, in parenting some days are longer than others...But its how you prepare for that day and handle that day...

....That makes you a winner.

Kiss the Baby



The Angry Scot August 9, 2011 at 12:51 PM   Reply to

Awsome analogy there mate, really enjoyed this post and you are so accurate in what you said, will definitely RT this on Twitter, great post!

Unknown August 9, 2011 at 1:58 PM   Reply to

Nice post. I've never watched NASCAR, but I can see that you've made an excellent analogy between car racing and parenting.

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