Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Because Im that damn nice!!!

Last night was the second night of "Can I please sleep on the couch", so C1 was able to sleep on the couch last night, and this morning I found out why he wanted to so bad.  He wanted to watch a show that only he is allowed to watch right now and C2 and C3 cant watch it. He recorded the Phineas and Ferb Movie. He was up before 7am watching it. Crazy. So tonight is C3's night for the couch and then that is it. T is starting the school year next week I believe so I am letting the kids have a little couch time before next week.

Well every Thursday I like to do my weekly ripoff of one of my not so secret BroMance Crushes Jimmy Fallon and his Thank You Notes. Now mine are not nearly as funny as his, but they are still mine. So without anymore delay, its time to hand out some thanks on.......

My repo customers...Thank You, if you paid for your cars on time, I wouldn't have the pleasure of getting cursed out and lied to on a daily basis.

Atlanta Falcons...Thank You, Im so glad your back. I love you. Matty Ice Ryan..I love you. We ended our last seasons relationship on a sour note. I was angry but I will always love you.

Daddys In Charge...Thank You, with your awesome Lego movies you have made me want to sit and play legos with my kids even more and make cool ass movies about it. Rock On!

Glee Movie...Thank You, for being so F-ing GLAY. A GLAY movie, really? Your show is GLAY and I bet your movie will be too. And you are in 3D.

My Couch...Thank You, before you used to just be the piece of furniture that collected lego pieces, scraps of food, etc..but now you are there to catch the pee pee of C4 as he loves to take after me and walk around the house without a cloth diaper.

C3...Thank You, in the past few days you have made it impossible for me to ever forget that I am your daddy!  Maybe because you repeat the word "daddy" a million F-ing times. I love you my little babe.

C2...Thank You, for telling me last night you are going to hide my new hats that come in the mail and make me find them. Wait..I am no good at that game..don't hide my new hats.

C1...Thank You, for telling your Mommy and I that you were going to come into our room "4 more times" After the fourth time I will be getting the PO-DO going.

C4...Thank You, while I love the fact that you love hot and spicy food at the age of 2, I really don't want you trying to eat the Habanero pepper off my plate. And that goes for you too C3.

Mckenzie...Thank You, for meeting T and the kids down at the Centennial Olympic Fountains the other day. If not for you, it may have been T that got ganked for $20 instead of you. My favorite cousin.

Molly Mesnick...Thank You, for telling me that you were ebay'ing some of Jasons Bachelor items, although I missed out on the boxers, the t shirt with that mustard stain, and the invite to the wedding with my name on it.

The Bitchin' Wife...Thank You, for your dancing video. I know what its like to have talent. See below.

Well that is it for today. Enjoy and you're welcome.

Who do you want to thank?

Kiss the Baby



Daddy's in Charge? August 11, 2011 at 11:39 AM   Reply to

Thanks for the inclusion... And your welcome I guess. Anything to bring dads closer to their kids.

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