Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday....Get Drunk on this 12 pack of fun

On Thursdays I like to hand out some Thank You Notes to people and or things that have made me think twice about them. Never serious, always intended to bring a smile and always without a doubt 100% true, that is why they get Thank You Notes.


Let me give some Thank You's out today. Lets not waste anymore time.

Hurricane Irene...Thank You, for coming a week early and not screwing up my vacation next week.

Caulk...Thank You, for being a word that can be used in any form. "Will you touch my Caulk?" "I love to play with my Caulk" "My Caulk got all hard"

Sausage...Thank You, you are a meat that can be so much fun. "T love's my Sausage" "Would you like some Sausage for dinner?" "Be easy with the Sausage!"

Baseball Bats...Thank You, you make it possible for great lines such as "He carries a big stick" "He knows how to swing the wood"

Nascar...Thank You, only in Nascar can a driver (Kyle Busch) lose his license for 45 days but still be able to drive in circles at speeds over 100 mph.

C3...Thank You, for telling me last night that I can sing at your wedding, even though Mommy T said she would not go then.

Enter and Exit signs at stores...Thank You, for making it possible for people to do the EXACT opposite of what you say. Enter in the Exit door and Exit out the Enter door. Dumbass

Chicken...Thank You, for not complaining when I make Beer Butt Chicken and I shove a beer can up your insides.

@DanaMacario...Thank You, for going on vacation at the same time and place that we are. What are your babysitting rates at night?

Molly...Thank You, for telling us here in the South that we have the best handshakes. Nobody shoots the bird like we do.

C2...Thank You, for coming into our bed last night and taking your knees and digging them into my back. A lumbar support system is what I need at night.

T...Thank You, for adding those awesome words to the top of my blog. Now people don't have to wonder

Kiss the Baby



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