Monday, August 8, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.......Are you POOLing my leg and licking ???

Another weekend gone and I'm going to be positive about it and think about it as another weekend closer to the beach.

This was a good weekend. We really didn't do much sometimes those are the best.

I took C1 to play tennis Sunday morning and he really enjoys it. I love seeing the kids actually enjoy stuff like that.

I asked the kids if they wanted to go swimming and C1 and C3 did, and C2 didn't. So C2 and C4 were going to stay home with Mommy and I was ok with that.  But then it hit me, I don't spend hardly any time with T and all the kids so I made the decision that we were all going. C2 did not want to go.  He really didn't want to go, so he was just going to take some legos and play. I told him to get his suit on and at least have it on.

We got loaded up and went to Aunt Bing Bings and Uncle Nolens and we did as we always do when we get there.  We eat first. So as we are eating and sweating buckets, Mr. I don't want to swim decides he is going to get in the pool.  I get the California Baby lotion (shameless plug) on the kids and then hook myself up and we jump right in.

It is fun swimming. The kids love to play and jump off the board and torment each other.  I try as hard as I can to act like a child. I'm so serious all the time and never goof off or do silly stuff, so acting like a kids is hard for me.

So we all had fun.

Worst Moment of the weekend...OK, so I finally shaved my legs. The are kinda tan, could be more so. The are pretty cut, so they look OK. But holy shit. What a pain in the ass. How do you women do this. Tried sitting in the tub. NO. Had to stand up in the tub and lather my legs with shaving cream and get to work. Used a brand new razor of T's and she didn't like that too much. I have smoove sexy legs though.

Best Moment of the weekend...You know those times when you finally realize that you have BOYS or GIRLS. Like your daughter might want her nails done. That is a moment you know you have a daughter. Well, my boys say some crazy things, I mean they are part of me.  So imagine my surprise when all of a sudden i hear C1 and C2 trying to one up each other with

C1- I licked Leo (the cat)
C2- No, I licked Leo
C1- Well, I licked Leo's butt

What the F-

C2- No, you licked Laila's butt (the dog)
C1- I licked Laila's butt???

Laughter explodes in the house while I look at T in the kitchen and we just shake our heads

Kiss the Baby



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