Monday, August 29, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.........Lego of my Pool Party I have get ready for Vacatoin

What a weekend. A weekend before we leave for the beach and I am more than ready to go. We had a ton to do this weekend and it all started Saturday for C1's 8th B'day party. C1 is turning 8 while we are on vacation so we had his party this weekend at Uncle Nolen and Aunt Bing Bing's pool. He was excited Friday night for this. Excited to see and play with his friends and excited to get presents.  What kids doesn't love B'day presents?

The party was a hit. Hot dogs, chips, drinks, cake. The kids all played in the pool and even a few of us dads played in the pool.

We got home Saturday night and the kids were tired. Very tired. So tired that C4 didn't wake up as I took him from car seat to our bed. That didn't stop C1 and C2 from going straight into their room and putting together the MASS amount of legos and playing with them until just about midnight. C3 hung out with Mommy T in the kitchen with some legos and I sat in the living room watching football and the race. He loved all of his stuff, he got money and a Angry Birds shirt and a Magic Kit.

Sunday was cleaning and pre prep for vacation day. We just started cleaning the house and stuff and I started getting all the stuff together that I needed to pack. I always over pack, but I will save that for a post later this week. T was making fun of my pre pack list. She made fun of me for a few things this weekend. My pre pack list and my pre public bathroom toilet cleaning steps. That one really made her think I was nuts.

Yesterday I also took C3 up to the soccer field to practice, she was the only one that wanted to go. We played for a bit, and let me tell you, that girl is so fast. T even cut the grass while we were up there, I think her tractor's sexy, well she is sexy on the tractor.

We played Pictionary last night with the kids. It is easy to say that my wife and kids don't appreciate my good artistic drawing skills. So no one guessed ANY of my words and the very last one...well, it was ended up being very nasty and T and the kids laughed until they pee'd.  (Word- Break Up) I drew an arrow UP, they got that. Then I drew a tree, and then next to it I drew a tree bent over (broken) and by the time the sand ran out, It looked like a tree was doing nasty things to another tree. Lets just say T and the kids didn't guess Break UP.

Here is the soon to be 8 year old B'day boy from his pool party. More pics to come.......

Hard to believe that on Saturday our first born turns 8.

Kiss the Baby



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