Friday, September 16, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 9-16-11...Still taste the salt and feel the sand.

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Well my first week back after vacation and I guess it has been ok. Trying to catch up.

I wish we were back on the beach. I wish I had the balls to pack our shit up, leave the house and just move to the beach. Or close to it. T loves the beach and has always said she would like to live on or near the beach. The kids were so relaxed while we were there. Me, well...seeing that I guess I am in my midlife crisis stage, I can see becoming a beach boy and buying a boat and fishing and giving tours and trying to regain my youth. Never know what the future holds.

Well except for this weekend. C2 has his second game this Saturday and he did awesome in his first. I am so excited to see him play again. I told myself that I will be doing NO yelling or anything, just sitting back to enjoy watching him play.

T and I are going to have a yard sale next weekend (we think) so I am going ot be getting stuff shit together for that. We have a lot of shit stuff and I will gladly let you buy it for cheap. Just come get the shit stuff out of my house. Thanks.

I am sitting here today also thinking about something nice I can do for the T. Something around the house. Something for the TWO of us. my parents get ready to live the final few days in their Manassas, Va. home let them try to remember the good times. They are moving to their new RETIREMENT home in Texas. Not really a retirement home, but they are retiring, so I will call them old and make fun of them as much as I can. We will see them next weekend and steal as much from them as we can while they visit. Ya know by steal I mean, the free tv, laptop for the kids, the extra truck that will stay in my driveway, the fancy dinner at Japanese.

And finally for my sweet little C3...Her latest favorite song that she asks me to play from my phone. From the movie Rio..

Enjoy your weekend

Kiss the Baby



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