Friday, September 23, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 9-23-11 Its all for sale. ALL OF IT

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Friday is here and it has been a different week to say the least.  Really got back to the gym this week and hit it hard. Made me feel better.

Some our our new tv shows came on this week so T and I can now relax and enjoy some mindless entertainment at the end of a long day and laugh and talk at the same time.

One thing I cant stand about T is that no matter what the deal is, as soon as she puts her head to the pillow she is OUT. Me, it takes time for me to fall asleep. So last night when I wanted to keep singing to her....she told me to shut up.

So the yard sale started today and is going into tomorrow and if I have to Sunday. I thought it would be a good idea to put the signs up last night, but just as I pulled into the drive it started to pour. And it poured all night. The signs that T made, well this morning they were messed up.  We have some good stuff and a large amount of items, and I will dig out more tonight. We want to get rid of this stuff, and it would be so nice to sell it and get rid of it other than having to take it to the dump.

Not to mention that the more stuff we can sell the easier it will be to pay for my ticket that i got for not paying attention and running a red light. Im so smart......not.

And that leads me to this...How come T can never be the one that does the stupid shit. How come T never gets pulled over come she is never the one to mess up shit or forget to mail something or whatever...its always me. So if you live in my area, come buy my shit, donate to the ThisDaddys Dumbass Fund, or throw some change at me when I am dancing on the corner. I think I may go dance and shake my shit on the corner. If you knew where I lived, I bet I could make some major dough. Hmmm, I may need to explore this a little more.

I love how C1 is always drawing me pictures. Last night he made me two Angry Birds pictures.

I love how C2 wants to show me what he did during his school work before I even ask him. Last night he showed me a book he made.

I love how C3 always has to know where i am. "Where is daddy?"  Where did daddy go?"

I really love how C4 always runs to mommy when its time for the diaper change. I have taught him well.

Know what my favorite thing about T is?  Last night as I am driving home in the rain, she called me twice and I didn't answer. I asked if she was worried about me.........Then she asked if I used the coupons at Publix.....So I asked her..."Were you worried about ME or worried that I might not use the coupons?" And then she goes into..."So how much was it?"  I KNEW IT.  I could be in a ditch and she would still want to know if I used coupons.  But, damn I love that woman.

Before I went on vacation I blogged about little Hayden Nowkhah. The weeks old baby of Dari and Jenn. Dari is my favorite ESPN personality. Hayden Nowkhah. Well earlier this week little Hayden passed away. His heart just didn't get strong enough, he had a little stroke and it just broke his body down. You can go read more about Hayden here Haydens Story

As I ALREADY KNEW but was informed of again let me clear the record. My parents SAY they are not going to retire, but I am going to call them retired...Here's why...1) Because I can. 2) They are moving to their retirement area. 3) They are moving to their custom built dream house. 4) Because I know it aggravates my dad and I love to do that sometimes. Couple days and they are leaving the Va./DC area and heading for the dry lands of the Hill Country in Texas.

So here's the deal. This weekend is the North Ga. State Fair. We are going Saturday after C2's soccer game and more of our yard sale.  Im sure I will have plenty to tweet/ blog about like I always do and maybe even some pictures to go along with.


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Katie Anna September 23, 2011 at 1:29 PM   Reply to

I got a speeding ticket, which I think is total crap cause I very rarely speed and I remember the time ( it was one of those automated camera ones) anyway I remember when it was and I was having a leisurely trip to the store so I totally think it's bull but that's besides the point. I think think this is a fantastic idea, I'm going to have a yard sale and put up signs saying " yard salomen ease come buy my crap and pay my speeding ticket"

Ps coupons are important.

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