Friday, September 30, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 9-30-11...Hilton Head Beach Vacation..Chillin on a boat.

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Today as I end up Hilton Head Beach Vacation 2011 my thoughts are about being on a boat.  I love boats. I don't get sick, they are relaxing, calming, you can see so much.  So today you will get to see some pics of us while we were on the boat that took us on the dolphin tour.

Lollipops for everyone

The one who had to have many lollipops

Leaving the docks

Looking off into the unknown

ok, not the unknown, but the lighthouse

We had our own section of the boat.
That's how we roll, or float

C1 looking out at the dolphins

C3 wondering if she can escape

Wasn't sick, maybe tired. I told you boats are relaxing

Now looking into the unknown

C4 had to be at the front of the boat the whole time

Give mommy a smile

Now you give mommy a smile

My two awesome girls

The wind in their hair

And capri suns

Make them feel good


T, looks good on a boat. Maybe in our future?

Looking natural, future deckhands

More lollipops

Me, T, the 4 C's, a boat, capri suns and lollipops...

That was all that was needed to have fun on the adventure.

Kiss the Baby



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