Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hilton Head, S.C. Beach Vacation 2011...Taking in some of nature

One of the things that T and I talked about on the way home from Hilton Head was how natural it was. So much of Hilton Head is filled with nature. I think the guy on my fishing charter told me Hilton Head had only one man made port.  It was so beautiful. Very clean. We love nature.  Here are some pictures from vacation of the nature we took in..

We saw this wash up on the beach

T picked it up to show the kids

Here get closer so you can see better

So the kids get closer

You touch it, see how it feels

Hold it C3

What do you think?

Here C4 your turn

We saw this too, no touchy touchy

We got both sea creatures back into the Ocean

Watching the birds was an awesome sight

Flying, Diving, Eating

Looking for more

C4 loved to chase these little guys

Never got one, they were fast

We also went to the Coastal Discovery Museum.
This place was great, free to the public all they asked
for was a donation.

Before we got started on the tour, we thought we would
try to take a family picture.
After about 20 tries we got one.

We observed nature

Checked out the Bee House

Did some walking

Walked a little more

We have one that is kind of a slow poke
T is carrying him in the background

Stopped to rest for a minute

Who is ready to leave and go on the Dolphin Tour?
I think they are ready

Saw this friend on the way out to see some Dolphins

There they are. See them in the middle left of the photo

There is another one. See the fin.

Seeing the Dolphins was beautiful and amazing. It was neat to see them and how they stayed in pairs or threesomes. Never saw one by itself.  C3 kept calling the Dolphins..Whales. It was cute when she would say that. C4 loved being on the boat so much he wouldn't sit still, kind of scary.

But it was a great time and we loved doing it.

I am glad that we got to see some of the wonderful nature while at Hilton Head and it pleases me even more that the kids get into it.

Still more pictures to come.

Kiss the baby



Diplo_Daddy September 28, 2011 at 12:37 PM   Reply to

Those are some wonderful pictures of your family. I can't say I've ever visited Hilton Head, but my mother lives in South Carolina. Maybe I ought to take a drive over that way, next time our family visits.

Diplo_Daddy in Kuwait

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