Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have this idea regarding childhood obesity

I don't have any but I know that there are some parents out there that do. I'm talking about obese children. Now before you spend your time reading this, I want to tell you that this is not a post to bash obese children. This is not a post to bash parents of obese children. I don't know all the facts about the kids or the parents. This is simply a post in which I will tell you about an idea that I have.

Growing up I have always loved children. From my Aunt and Uncle being Foster Parents to me playing basketball with younger kids in the neighborhood I have always taken time to participate in activities with kids. I did the summer camps at the YMCA, I have worked in daycares, schools, coached, etc.. I have always thought it would be a good idea to own and run a gym for kids that could come in off the streets to play basketball, etc.. and keep them out of trouble. Well goals have changed.

Obesity is a growing problem in the United States. Obesity is a growing problem in our children. Foods are a problem, parents without the knowledge are a problem. Companies that don't care are a problem. So many problems, so many avenues that can be taken to make parents and kids more active and healthy but nothing is being done. Is it the parents fault? Yes. Is it the companies that make the products fault? Both? I believe (in my opinion) that it is a combination of both.

We as a county need to be more active. It starts with parents. Parents need to show the kids the positive things that come from being active. Get that self confidence level up. Get active with your kids parents. Again, I don't know enough about the obesity issue, I'm learning, I have lots of questions and that brings me to my idea.

Open a gym/fitness center JUST FOR KIDS! (Well parents too) I was thinking about this. Open a place where you can have kids come in that need help in this area. The fitness area. Not just a place to run around in and play, but a place that will guide your kids and educate them about what they are doing. Have areas that educate your kids about what they eat and why it is either good or bad for them. This will help the parents too.

I'm not talking about getting your kids in the gym and trying to have them bench press and do curls and squats but I am talking about getting your kids in a place where there is no pressure, no judging, no name calling, no bullies, just people trying to be positive. Educate them in all areas of fitness.

What if this place had the bikes and it was like a spin class for kids. Cool music, nothing hardcore just riding the bikes and getting a workout. What if there were mats and kids did stretches? What if there were heavy bags and kids did a kickboxing class? What if there were specific workouts geared towards your individual child? Just think of all the FUN activities that your child could take part in.  What if your child got to be part of something that was the beginning of a movement? What if you the parent were responsible for getting your kid involved in something that made them feel better about themselves? Wouldn't that make you feel good?

What if this place had the educational information available to you and your child? What if you and your child could both go to a place and learn together?

What if this place included all children. Not just obese and overweight children, but children from all builds and all makes and all homes and all areas? Would you take your child to a place like this?

What if parents owned this place? What if the parents that owned it were not just out to make money but out to make a difference? What if the parents got other parents involved, other parents that also wanted to make a difference and see our future stay bright? Would you then take your child?

I have an idea of opening a place that does all of this. ALL OF IT!  I would love to open a kids fitness center. A place where I can show your kids how to get fit. How to exercise, how to get in shape, how to be able to run and play and not get so tired after minutes. I want to get your kids on a bike and make them sweat, make them get involved. I want to have a Wii Fit on a big screen with me and your kids laughing and having fun. I want to get your kids jumping up and down. I want to open a place that will be the most awesome gym experience your kid has ever seen.  I want to educate your kids about what they eat. I want to show your kids that they can eat good foods and why they should eat them.

I want to make a difference.

Georgia ranks 2nd in the Country in childhood obesity. Do you even know where your state ranks? Even if your kid(s) is not obese, doesn't it concern you?

So I open a kids fitness center. You coming by? You bringing your kids?

This is just the beginning of an idea. I welcome all thought and comments and additional ideas. I want to learn more. I want to be educated on this so I can help others.

Please get involved.

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Kristin September 21, 2011 at 1:49 PM   Reply to

I would take James to a place that had fun physical activities, yes. But it would have to be about having a good time, not working out. Trampolines. Ball court, badminton, roller-skates, etc would be fun.

Helene September 21, 2011 at 10:43 PM   Reply to

Oh in a heartbeat, I would definitely bring my kids to a place like that! 3 of my kids don't have a weight issue but my daughter does have a bit more baby fat than she should at age 6. She's active and we encourage healthy eating habits so I'm hopeful she'll thin out as she continues to grow.

I really do hope you can get this idea off the ground....what a fabulous way to get kids more involved in being active and understanding that exercise can be FUN!!

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