Thursday, September 15, 2011

Im a Tease.

While I get caught up at work and get my Vacation Recap post ready for you here is a teaser..

I am going to do a HUGE vacation post this weekend. Full of pictures and stories and uuuhhhs and aaahhhs and all that kind of stuff. It is going to be great. Awesome. Wonderful. Fantastic. And there might even be a hint of Sexy, Stunning, and Smelling Good. Ok, I went fishing in the same clothes 3 times, so forget the Smelling Good. 

Let me just throw a few things out there to get your smiles and laughter lines going.

You don't know how hard and frustrating it is trying to get a beach stroller in a small closet.

You never expect to get not one but two calls from condo security. For having stuff on the railing on the back porch and leaving that above stroller in the front hall.

You never expect to have a super comfy recliner in front of the tv in the condo. And you never expect your wife to be glad you fell asleep in it.

You never expect your wife to be happy that you sleep on the couch too.

You really never expect your wife to want to trade places with you and let you sleep in the ultra UNcomfy bed that was in the room.

How many people hate feather pillows (me) and cover them with a soft cotton t-shirt. (me)

How many men let their wives take cell pic's of them in their under armour style underwear and pretend its a cool bathing suit (me)

How many dads almost take out their daughter as they fall and flip in the beach as they fling other children across the way on a body board (me)

How many of you had to change from regular shorts to swim shorts in an elevator because you couldn't find where to change? (me)

And finally for all of my loyal readers...remember my post about all the shit I packed? Read Here I didn't wear more than half of it. I was the biggest packing dumb ass and didn't wear hardly any of the shit I packed. What a waste..

Kiss the Baby



Gretta September 15, 2011 at 12:49 PM   Reply to

I am rolling laughing....I guess you should be glad they didn't evict you after 2 security calls..LOL! I too hate feather pillows. I like a nice, firm pillow please. If it's any consulation, David got baptized in Peru in his underwear and a t-shirt in the glacier lake in front of our entire team (11 people) and our Peruvian bus driver! LOL And last but not least, I'm sure the security folks at the condo were having a great time watching you change clothes in the elevator on the security cameras....who knows, you might end up a video celebrity from that little stunt!

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