Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Boo to You Day.

Well today is the day that everyone dresses up in crazy, different costumes and goes out and gets candy and other treats.  Our C's will get dressed up today and go out and get some candy and treats, but not too much.  All that sugar will make my kids look like they work at our local Wal-Mart with the nasty teeth and all. Plus it brings your immune system down. And that is not something we want.

Well C1 will be dressing up as Indiana Jones. Whip and all, sporting the hat and trying to find the hidden treasures of the world.  C2 will be finding coins and saving Princess Peach as Super Mario this year. He has the running and jumping skills that are needed for this.  C3, she is going to be a furry warm kitten.  Which will be nice for tonight. A furry white kitten with a tail that looks like it belong to a squirrel. She love that costume.  C4, well he has a pirate costume and it is cool as could be, but he may or may not wear it. Not easy getting a 2 year old to stay happy in a costume.

We had a good weekend. Did the normal stuff. Played outside and cleaned up.

C1 took a nasty fall on his bike coming down the drive way. Got mad and wanted to sell his bike.  Made a nice gash in his helmet. Which is why we always tell them to wear the helmets.  So we will see, I'm sure he will get back on.

The loved watching the Winnie The Pooh Movie. Watched it Saturday night and Sunday too.  It was cute.

We went to a party last night and the kids had fun. Played and we carved our big pumpkin. Well, we drilled holes in it. We have a drive by casualty pumpkin.

Tonight when the kids go to bed, I'm thinking of getting in my Chippendale's costume and dancing for T and seeing how many dollars I can get.

Have a safe and happy day and evening.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, October 28, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-28-11......What are you up to?

This Daddy's Blog


Been a crazy week.
Somewhat of a good week, I have had better
But I have for sure had worse.

Got the ball rolling again on some personal projects that I hope will roll in my favor.

Got back to the gym 4 days this week and I feel great about that. Josh, a friend from the gym who trains, is going to give me 3 months and train me and get my body in Tom Brady shape. (maybe) Along with that, I have to have before and after body photos. So T will take some and if I have the balls, I will post them. The hard part will be keeping T off of me after she takes the pictures.

The kids have had good weeks.
T took them to the skate park and they took their scooters and had a blast.
C2 finally got on his bike and is now riding too.  Didn't push him, just let him do it on his own and once again the balance on the bike without pedals method worked.

C4, has found a new love in his life.
Trains.  T got the trains and the tracks out for him and he loves them. He has played with them so much over the week. Even sharing with the older C's.

C3 was on the receiving end of a used (new to her) scooter and she will be trying it out. Her scooter skills have become too advanced for her old one.

C1, C2, C3 and myself did our letters to the troops for The Bert Shows Big Thank You.  We waited till the last minute (like I always do) but we got them mailed out. Here is a link for what that is The Bert Shows Big Thank You.

I am going to be trying out some new Love and Logic stuff this weekend based on the email I got regarding "Kids That Argue With Each Other" and trust me, I'm sure we will have that this weekend at some point.

I failed on my dare last weekend to see if I had the skills to paint my own nails, so I will see if I can capture that Even though the Falcons are off this weekend maybe I can still go Black and Red or I will find another team to support and change the colors.

Its going to be a great weekend. I am going to do things. BIG things.

Have a great one as well.

Kiss the Baby




Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whats Love Got To Do With It? I Guess Nothing To Some Of You!

When Beyonce sang "If you like it then you shoulda put ring on it" she wasn't saying it had to be a massive diamond or some expensive new kind of stone or a fancy cut and clarity or whatever. She simply said Put a ring on it! But be careful fella's your lady may trip out if you dont break the bank to make her happy.

So as I am driving into the j-o-b this morning, I hear the The Bert Show and they are talking about women and how they feel about the rings the men buy them for engagements and weddings and are they picky and choosy and does it have to be a diamond or this and that.  I for a split second wanted to call in, but I know that I would get hung up on. I was so mad. Listening to the women on the show talk about how they would rather have their man wait and save up money so they could get the ring they wanted instead of being happy with what they were able to get then and there.

Which brings me to this. Yes I am a male. Its true that engagements and weddings and stuff like that don't mean as much to a man as they do to a woman. BUT...Isn't it all about LOVE ladies?  The Love you have for your man. The man you SAY captured your heart BEFORE there was even thought of the ring?  How come you ladies cant be happy just being happy?  Why do you all have to screw it up and put the materialistic value on everything?  "That's not the ring I wanted"  "That's not big enough"  whatever.  Does it really matter what your needy, judgemental girlfriends think of your ring? They are probably the same hateful little ladies that didn't want you to be with that guy in the first place.

Ladies, don't you complain when your man, has all of his "Boy Toys"?  His cars, his video games, his hunting items? I'm sure. I would be willing to bet that the women that are NEEDY and cry and moan and groan about having the perfect ring are the same women that cry and moan and groan about the "Boy Toys".

What happened to the days when it didn't matter about the material items.  Back when our grandparents told us stories about proposing with a plastic ring, or one made out of grass, or not one at all cause they couldn't afford it?  I know Tina Turner said "Whats Love Got To Do With It" but shit, women cant figure out what the hell they want.

-A guy that will love me
-A guy that will treat me good
-A guy that will never stray
-Oh but he better put that expensive, nice big ring on my finger or forget it.

Ladies if you are that type of person, I feel comfortable in calling you High Maintenance and Needy and for that you will find out one day that all that b.s. you needed and wanted is just that...B.S.

There is one thing that the radio conversation and the opinions of the ladies from this morning made me realize...I met and married a REAL WOMAN.  And by that I mean, she never once cared about what kind of ring, size, diamond or any of that. In fact when WE went to pick out rings she made it a point to not go above and beyond and drop large coin on the rings. And after several years and kids later, when she mentioned that she wanted a NEW band, she didn't try to find one that was crazy expensive..NO, she looked around and found one that she liked that was a great deal. So I am glad that I married a woman that is not MATERIALISTIC OR NEEDY.

T and I have love. A love that isn't measured by a piece of jewelry.

Again this is just my opinion and I know some of you ladies may agree and some of you will not. Tell me whats up.

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From the beginning...The Day We Kicked Cam's Ass.

So a couple weekend ago I got to go to an Atlanta Falcons home game vs. the Carolina Panthers.  You may not know this but I kinda love the Falcons. I am probably more of a fanatic than a regular fan. I scream and cry and yell and fuss and curse and throw things and get so carried away, but that is my team and I love my team.

I am not a quality picture taker. My shit is usually blurry and not focused on the correct things and they just don't look good. But since I don't drink anymore and I wouldn't be sloppy drunk and dropping it, T let me take her nice camera to the game. I mean I was sitting 15 rows behind the Falcons bench.  So here is my story about October 16th.

October 16th, 2011
The day the Falcons kicked
Cam's ass.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers

Park and Tailgate before the game
Always fun.

Look at this dumbass. Sorry did get a picture of me
pushing him into the bushes up on the right.

Ahhh. Dome Sweet Dome.

Section. 117-Row 15 behind the Falcons bench.

Welcome to Atlanta where the Falcons play
and bust dem heads like everyday 

I love HD83 Harry Douglas. Gettin ready  

The Burner Turner. Michael Turner.
Wanna tackle him, bring your friends.

Ahh, my man crush. Matty Ice. Matt Ryan
pay not attention to #8

Warming up the arm.

Tony G. Best Tight End in football and I am
not talking about his ass ladies.

Roddy White. Matty Ice's favorite target

"Alright boys, time to put it in"

Fake to Quizz

Rollout to the right

Keep rollin'

Roll a lil more

Throw to Quizz and he..he...he..shit, didnt make it in.

So on the next play. Turner gets the ball and punches it in.
Does the ol' body bump celebration with HD83 and that sealed the deal.

After that score..Matty Ice blew me a kiss.
I swear, I promise he did.
Ok, he didnt but I can pretend.

Come back tomorrow for the pic's of the ones that


Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did I mention that your wife has a really nice ass?

Ever have those moments of "What the hell have I done?" Well I have those often and sometimes I have them and don't even say anything to anyone.  Well here is one that I will tell you about. You can laugh at me and I am ok with that.

So one of the repo drivers and his wife came over Friday night and picked up some shit stuff that we were trying to get rid of in the garage sale. I was worried that they would show up to the house before I got home. Usually not a huge deal but T had not met them before and she had told me that C4 was asleep on her lap. Everyone knows that a sleeping 2 year old and a doorbell with strangers don't mix.

I made it home before my driver and his wife.  I spot cleaned a few things. You know they had never met my family before and he and his wife are very nice. Out there sometimes and usually crazy but nice. So they arrive at our house and I introduce them to T and the C's and the very first thing that my drivers wife does is tell T how all i do is talk about how great she is and how she does all these great things and how i put her up on a pedestal...And T hates that. She hates when all I do is talk about how awesome she is. So that sucked right there.

Then being the crazy guy that he is the driver got the C's all wound up, playing Angry Birds with stuffed animals with the kids, running around the house.  That wasn't that bad, kids are kids and they had fun. Got the silly's out.

Now there happens to be a certain part of my wife that I love besides her heart and her eyes...Its her ASS. I love T's ass and come to find out I am not the only one.

So last night I am leaving the office and someone that was over at my house on Friday night tells me "Hey I didn't want to say anything to T, but I noticed when she was in the kitchen that she has a really nice ass!"  I was like...ummmm, ok. THANKS...

What made it that much more of a crazy statement was that it didn't come from my came from his wife!

So survey says that people agree that T has a nice ass.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, October 24, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.........Bowl Games

The weekend was very nice. T and I watched BridesMaids on Friday night and that movie was so so funny. You know its a funny movie if T is laughing at the stupid shit. And she did.

We took the kids bowling for the first time ever and they loved it. We had this coupon and it let us bowl and eat and play video games. C1 and C2 bowled very well and C3 and C4 got to use the ramps that you push the ball off of. Pretty cool.  The hardest part was keeping the other kids behind the line when it wasn't their turn.  They got excited for each other and wanted to help each other.  C1 had this run and slide and throw method and it was funny to see him do that. C2 had this side arm type throw and release.  No fingers or toes got injured so that is a good thing. Then we ate pizza and played video games. We had a really good time.

The weather was so nice that we got to play outside a lot and we cleaned the garage out some. Got rid of some more shit and Brandon came and picked up the treadmill so I can now park in the garage again. Wooo Hoooo. Thanks.

Sunday was more outside time and Falcon Sunday. The Dirty Birds won the game but the Lions were the one playing dirty.  T is excited that the Falcons are off next weekend.

I finally got my fat ass back in the gym this morning and had a great leg workout and the guy that trained me started talking to me again about training me for his portfolio and certification. Good for me. This guy will get me in shape and looking good and feeling good in time if he can train me again. 

Im not going to mention all of the stupid new rules and committees that the neighborhood homeowners association is trying to set up. Yeah, I will save that for another day. I wouldn't want to make the person that leaves newspapers and boxes outside mad.

Well really the weekend was all about playing inside and out. We will enjoy the weather and the weekends outside until the weather cools off for good.

Kiss the Baby



Friday, October 21, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-21-11......T looks fine, My leg is saved and Dont Dare Me!

This Daddy's Blog


Fridays Final Thoughts is the post in which I just go on about things that have happened during the week and what I am facing from the upcoming weekend. I may rant, I may make you laugh, I may make you cry. I will make you do something, just don't hurt yourself.

Its Friday and I am ending a short week today. Short because of the Monday Sickness that wrapped up T and wouldn't let her go.  Not that I like her being sick, but it was my pleasure to take care of the kids all day and let her rest up and get to feeling better.

Its Friday and that means I am going to check out Redbox and see if there are any movies that I want to see. And BridesMaids it is.

Its Friday and I am going to tweet a lot today so come on over and lets talk some shit.

We had a yard sale WEEKS ago. We got rid of some shit but we still have junk in the garage. And being that it has been in there I have been parking in the driveway. Not anymore.  This weekend I am getting stuff to the dump or putting it somewhere else.

I know there were other things that the wife said I had to clean this weekend but that was last night and I forgot already. I need notes.

I have to get this out there. Do you guys ever walk in your house and see your wife and just like that you are wanting to go crazy and rip her clothes off?  Shit last night T had this shirt on and damn, she looked good. All I could think about after that was...PO-DO.

So C1 wanted him and C2 to dress alike yesterday. That's cool, brothers wanting to dress like each other.

So the doctors saved my leg and I think I am going to survive my 2 week battle with poison ivy. It was hard and I had to tell a lot of people goodbye but thanks to Dr. Grey from the Anatomy Academy I will make it.

I made the mistake yesterday and talked some shit to Mary - The Mommyologist , the World Famous Mommy Blogger that writes about the stars and so much more.  So yesterday as she was tweeting about how someone mentioned her nails looked so good, so i spouted off  "How hard can it be?" and then the battle lines were drawn and the dare was put out there. So this weekend I may be painting my nails. I am never one to back down from a bet or a dare.

So let the weekend begin.


Kiss the Baby




Thursday, October 20, 2011

Down on the Farm.....

So Saturday we made our way out to one of the local farms. After watching the Food Inc. documentary, we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the local farm day.

We went to Hodges Farm / Ranch in Carrollton, Ga. just one of our local farms. He had the stuff we were looking for. Cows, Chickens, Lamb, Sheep, Pigs and if you wanted to ask or know about it bad enough you could even inquire about the semen for sale.  Seriously, semen. Hodge Ranch

Let me tell you that you are getting into some kind of shit when you go to this Farm / Ranch. I mean REAL shit. Everywhere, but you know what? That's ok. Its better than seeing corn feed and closed up chicken houses all over the place.

Mr. and Mrs. Hodge were so nice to go along with sweet looking home and nice farm they had. The first thing we came across as we caught up to Mr. Hodge were the chickens. There was already an egg in the egg house and the chickens were roaming all around.  Mr. Hodge allowed the kids to pet a chicken. They loved it. As we left that area, we saw the chicken dog Henry. An older very large dog that was a guardian to the chickens to keep them safe from turkey vulture's and other wildlife.

Then we came up to maybe the largest pigs I have ever seen in my life. The pigs days were numbered and they were laying around enjoying the weather. C3 who walked around the farm and interacted with the animals like she owned the place just loved ALL the animals.

The horse was older, and the kids loved to talk to him and rub him. C4 was eating an apple so we wondered if the horse would try and get it but the horse just woke up.

If I remember right, the sheep were..self shedding sheep?  Where they really didn't have to be taken care of or groomed. The sheep basically took care of themselves?

The kids found bones and feathers and the cat. Oh my, C3 loved the cat too.

We ended up getting only a few dozen eggs but you can get other meats from Hodge's as well. Check out the link above for more info.

Another awesome thing about Mr. Hodge was that he knew about the Food Inc. Doc when we brought it up. Very informed and smart guy. Told us about when he made the switch to being an all grass fed farm / ranch. And the best part was joking with him that he is a Texas A & M guy and ohhh no, I cant handle A & M guys. He was a good sport about it.

Check out our visit
Walking on the farm

Going to meet Mr. Hodge

Mr. Hodge introducing a chicken

The C's loved this

C4, taking a closer look

C3 loving on the pigs

C3 talking to Mr. Hodge

Big Pig

Looking at the Horse

Being sweet with the Horse 

Old McDonald (Hodge) had some sheep


It was a great trip and we had fun.

Thanks to the Hodges for teaching and allowing us to visit.

Kiss the Baby




Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Damn Sick Days...Playing Mr. Mom for a Day

So I know I have done a million blog posts before about how great T is and how she has such a hard job and she does so much and how does she do it all and blah blah blah.

But today I can tell you that after doing what she does for an entire day..shit, she really does an amazing job.

So early Monday morning T got up out of bed saying she didn't feel good and was going to the couch.  I did what any awesome husband would do, I told her to make sure she had a blanket. A few hours later I heard all hell breaking loose across the house and I went to see what was up and T was in the other bathroom sick as could be. My honey, so so sick. I waited for her to come out and she laid back on the couch and said she felt a little better and told me to go back to bed.

As I was leaving for work she was sleeping and I told her to call me if she needed me to come home.  Well 40 minutes later she called me and told me to come home. So I turned around and headed for home.  When I walked in the door, there was my honey sleeping on the couch with 4 C's telling me Mommy was sick and throwing up.

This is where my day started. My day as Mr. Mom, my day in the life of T. I had no idea what I was in for. 

First was breakfast. Got the kids fed and that was easy. Fed, washed faces, brushed teeth and then it was on to the next thing.

Homeschool. So C1 and C2 knew what they needed to do.  They got to the table and opened up computers and got folders out and we started schooling.  They knew what to do and all I kept saying was "Does Mommy do this? and Does Mommy do that?"  So we did our work and they did it all rather easy and I thought it went good. I now think that I maybe ready to homeschool the kids all the way through high school.
After school was done, we all got dressed and we were going to head to the park for the kids to play since it was so nice out. So I got the kids dressed and packed some stuff up for lunch.  Had to make a few stops on the way but we made it to the park and T's Mom met us there to see the kids and have lunch with us.  The kids had fun playing and after a few hours we headed home.

So we got to the house and T was still laying down, I put the sleeping C4 on the bed and I decided to let the kids watch Nanny McPhee. I got them snack and they sat and watched the movie. They enjoyed it and I started to get dinner ready. I'm looking at the clock and thinking SHIT, is this day gonna ever end? Kids were playing and dinner was being cooked. (Chicken and Pasta)

After dinner I had to run C2 up to the school for soccer pictures. Packed up the kids and took them up to the school for a fast hour of standing and team pictures and then it was off to go get T some food that she was craving. Got home and fed her and the kids again and sat down. After sitting down for a bit, I got snack for the kids and kept wondering when the day was going to be over. I usually don't get home till 9pm and it was not even 9 yet and I was so damn tired.

Well I got the kids to bed and I got T back in bed and she told me something I she didn't have to but it made me feel so good....

She said "You did a good job today"

That made my day.  I looked at her and said "You are allowed to get sick once a year, and this was it"

So I got to live a day in the life of her from start to finish. And damn what a long day it was.

So after all these years of talking about how awesome she is and how hard she works and how hard it must be... I finally found out on Monday that I was right all along.

*So update...found out that I did the homeschooling ALL wrong. That is probably why it went so smooth.* And I could never do it all the way until college, Im not that smart.

Kiss the Baby



Friday, October 14, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-14-11...Filled with lots of F's

This Daddy's Blog


F this and F that and a little more F.

So its another Friday. I am so excited for this weekend but then at the same time I know it is going to go by so fast. We have so much planned for the weekend and it is going to be a great one. I have been so stoked about this weekend for several months for a certain reason. And then we added something to it and that me me look forward to it even more.

So here is a look at the weekend ahead from my eyes.
(Probably different in T's eyes)

Tonight, I think T and I will catch up on some shows we have dvr'd. Then I think I will probably bug the shit out of her and tell her to get off her phone and off ebay and tell her to come to my side of the bed to get a massage. Then I am going to try to work some magic and get the PO-DO going. She will say no, I will say yes, I will win. Trust me its a win....(for me that is)

Saturday. Soccer game in Talla-F-ing-Egypt-Poosa. (more country than us). Then we are going to make our rounds to some of the local farms and see what they have for us to buy. Farm fresh foods are the best. We are going to start supporting our local farms and buy from them. Local Farms you have FOOD INC. to thank for that.

Then I'm sure we will come home and play and do some yard work and try not to get any more poison shit on my legs or anywhere else on my body. That shit sucks. Itches like a BEEEEEECH!  I feel like I am going to need to have my leg cut off. Yeah, Im a sissy...don't care.

I'm sure I am going to have a list of stuff to do. I take pride in being a good husband around the house and that means helping with stuff or just doing stuff. Laundry, cleaning, doing whatever needs to be done.  So I am going to bust ass and do stuff around the house that way when Sunday gets here and I am at the Atlanta Falcons game, I can feel good that T isn't having a messy house and all kinds of shit laying around.

Sunday. You read above and you read it correct. I am going to the Falcons game. I used to have season tickets and I have not been to a game in years. I love that Atlanta Falcons and I loved going to the games. Getting up early and going to the Dome and tailgating. So much fun. So Sunday, I am getting up early and getting the little grill ready with the food and picking up a few buddies and we are going to tailgate and then sit....get this...

15 M-F-ing rows behind the Falcons bench. I hope to be able to smell the sweat of Matty Ice and Roddy White and catch a whiff of the funk from Michael Turner and even hear John Abraham talk about hitting Cam Newton. I cant stand any other teams, so screw the Carolina Panthers.

Another plus about going to the game and having good seats is that since I don't drink anymore, T trusts me with her nice camera and I am hoping to get some great shots. I am really hoping to get some awesome shots.

So this weekend is going to be a great weekend filled with F's

F....Shhhhhh....its a dirty word.
And Im not dirty.




Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are You Bored in Your Marriage?

Nope, not me.

Being with T for over 12 years now and being married for 11 we have both come to realize that some things in our marriage and friendship are just never gonna change.

Like the fact that I am always trying to get some. ALWAYS. Im always being dirty. She now likes to call me "Dirty Ol Thang".  I cant help it, she turns me on.  I have come to realize that she hates when I try to come into the bathroom when she is in there. She might be doing makeup and I just want to brush my teeth or put my contacts in and she freaks out and locks the door.

She loves the fact that I always...ALWAYS go out of my way to aggravate her.  I love the way she changes the radio station every time a song comes on that I like and start singing.

Well several months ago, T did something and it has started a new fun thing that we do for each other.  I don't know if she likes it or thinks about it the same way that I do, but for me this thing she did added a new feature to our friendship and marriage.  You know the little things that make a difference, the extra things that make you laugh, smile and just think about that other person.

She added a dry erase board in our closet. Classic. I love it. We started counting down our days to vacation. We added little faces and putting words on there for each other. You never know what the other is going to write on the board. I have put clothes near the erase board and then drew and arrow and written "Wear This". She has come out of the closet laughing and said "Im not wearing that and a TIE? And a BELT?" But we both laugh.  Here is the latest that I wrote up there the other day

You love my ___________  So she added CHEST

I love your ____________  First I added EVERYTHING - She countered with PICK ONE
                                            So I came back and added THIGHS

So this morning I get a tweet that says "Good Morning Thigh Lover"  And that put the biggest smile on my face and I had to laugh.

See to me, that right there is just one of the many little things that can make a difference in a marriage. So if your BORED in your marriage and need to try something different, get a different kind of BOARD and see what happens.                         


Kiss the Baby


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