Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did I mention that your wife has a really nice ass?

Ever have those moments of "What the hell have I done?" Well I have those often and sometimes I have them and don't even say anything to anyone.  Well here is one that I will tell you about. You can laugh at me and I am ok with that.

So one of the repo drivers and his wife came over Friday night and picked up some shit stuff that we were trying to get rid of in the garage sale. I was worried that they would show up to the house before I got home. Usually not a huge deal but T had not met them before and she had told me that C4 was asleep on her lap. Everyone knows that a sleeping 2 year old and a doorbell with strangers don't mix.

I made it home before my driver and his wife.  I spot cleaned a few things. You know they had never met my family before and he and his wife are very nice. Out there sometimes and usually crazy but nice. So they arrive at our house and I introduce them to T and the C's and the very first thing that my drivers wife does is tell T how all i do is talk about how great she is and how she does all these great things and how i put her up on a pedestal...And T hates that. She hates when all I do is talk about how awesome she is. So that sucked right there.

Then being the crazy guy that he is the driver got the C's all wound up, playing Angry Birds with stuffed animals with the kids, running around the house.  That wasn't that bad, kids are kids and they had fun. Got the silly's out.

Now there happens to be a certain part of my wife that I love besides her heart and her eyes...Its her ASS. I love T's ass and come to find out I am not the only one.

So last night I am leaving the office and someone that was over at my house on Friday night tells me "Hey I didn't want to say anything to T, but I noticed when she was in the kitchen that she has a really nice ass!"  I was like...ummmm, ok. THANKS...

What made it that much more of a crazy statement was that it didn't come from my came from his wife!

So survey says that people agree that T has a nice ass.

Kiss The Baby



Good Girl Gone Green October 25, 2011 at 12:41 PM   Reply to

LMAO! Now I have to meet you guys in person one day to see T's ass! ;)

Tam and John October 25, 2011 at 9:46 PM   Reply to

That is an AWESOME story! And btw, I think Tracy is the greatest thing ever just from reading your blog :)

Helene October 25, 2011 at 9:51 PM   Reply to

Wow, that is quite a compliment, esp when it comes from another female!!!

I love that you talk incessantly about your wife while you're at work!!!! Very very sweet!!!

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