Thursday, October 20, 2011

Down on the Farm.....

So Saturday we made our way out to one of the local farms. After watching the Food Inc. documentary, we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the local farm day.

We went to Hodges Farm / Ranch in Carrollton, Ga. just one of our local farms. He had the stuff we were looking for. Cows, Chickens, Lamb, Sheep, Pigs and if you wanted to ask or know about it bad enough you could even inquire about the semen for sale.  Seriously, semen. Hodge Ranch

Let me tell you that you are getting into some kind of shit when you go to this Farm / Ranch. I mean REAL shit. Everywhere, but you know what? That's ok. Its better than seeing corn feed and closed up chicken houses all over the place.

Mr. and Mrs. Hodge were so nice to go along with sweet looking home and nice farm they had. The first thing we came across as we caught up to Mr. Hodge were the chickens. There was already an egg in the egg house and the chickens were roaming all around.  Mr. Hodge allowed the kids to pet a chicken. They loved it. As we left that area, we saw the chicken dog Henry. An older very large dog that was a guardian to the chickens to keep them safe from turkey vulture's and other wildlife.

Then we came up to maybe the largest pigs I have ever seen in my life. The pigs days were numbered and they were laying around enjoying the weather. C3 who walked around the farm and interacted with the animals like she owned the place just loved ALL the animals.

The horse was older, and the kids loved to talk to him and rub him. C4 was eating an apple so we wondered if the horse would try and get it but the horse just woke up.

If I remember right, the sheep were..self shedding sheep?  Where they really didn't have to be taken care of or groomed. The sheep basically took care of themselves?

The kids found bones and feathers and the cat. Oh my, C3 loved the cat too.

We ended up getting only a few dozen eggs but you can get other meats from Hodge's as well. Check out the link above for more info.

Another awesome thing about Mr. Hodge was that he knew about the Food Inc. Doc when we brought it up. Very informed and smart guy. Told us about when he made the switch to being an all grass fed farm / ranch. And the best part was joking with him that he is a Texas A & M guy and ohhh no, I cant handle A & M guys. He was a good sport about it.

Check out our visit
Walking on the farm

Going to meet Mr. Hodge

Mr. Hodge introducing a chicken

The C's loved this

C4, taking a closer look

C3 loving on the pigs

C3 talking to Mr. Hodge

Big Pig

Looking at the Horse

Being sweet with the Horse 

Old McDonald (Hodge) had some sheep


It was a great trip and we had fun.

Thanks to the Hodges for teaching and allowing us to visit.

Kiss the Baby



Good Girl Gone Green October 20, 2011 at 11:36 AM   Reply to

I love that you guys went to the farm/ranch. It really puts things into perspective. I think everyone should know where their food comes from. Sadly, most people dont want to know and just keep eating the forced feed beef etc. :)

Lara English October 21, 2011 at 7:40 AM   Reply to

Loved this. I would love to take my son to a farm like this when he gets a little older. I remember when we watched the Food Inc. documentary a few years ago and we were never the same since! Oh and, that is one BIG pig!

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