Friday, October 14, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-14-11...Filled with lots of F's

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F this and F that and a little more F.

So its another Friday. I am so excited for this weekend but then at the same time I know it is going to go by so fast. We have so much planned for the weekend and it is going to be a great one. I have been so stoked about this weekend for several months for a certain reason. And then we added something to it and that me me look forward to it even more.

So here is a look at the weekend ahead from my eyes.
(Probably different in T's eyes)

Tonight, I think T and I will catch up on some shows we have dvr'd. Then I think I will probably bug the shit out of her and tell her to get off her phone and off ebay and tell her to come to my side of the bed to get a massage. Then I am going to try to work some magic and get the PO-DO going. She will say no, I will say yes, I will win. Trust me its a win....(for me that is)

Saturday. Soccer game in Talla-F-ing-Egypt-Poosa. (more country than us). Then we are going to make our rounds to some of the local farms and see what they have for us to buy. Farm fresh foods are the best. We are going to start supporting our local farms and buy from them. Local Farms you have FOOD INC. to thank for that.

Then I'm sure we will come home and play and do some yard work and try not to get any more poison shit on my legs or anywhere else on my body. That shit sucks. Itches like a BEEEEEECH!  I feel like I am going to need to have my leg cut off. Yeah, Im a sissy...don't care.

I'm sure I am going to have a list of stuff to do. I take pride in being a good husband around the house and that means helping with stuff or just doing stuff. Laundry, cleaning, doing whatever needs to be done.  So I am going to bust ass and do stuff around the house that way when Sunday gets here and I am at the Atlanta Falcons game, I can feel good that T isn't having a messy house and all kinds of shit laying around.

Sunday. You read above and you read it correct. I am going to the Falcons game. I used to have season tickets and I have not been to a game in years. I love that Atlanta Falcons and I loved going to the games. Getting up early and going to the Dome and tailgating. So much fun. So Sunday, I am getting up early and getting the little grill ready with the food and picking up a few buddies and we are going to tailgate and then sit....get this...

15 M-F-ing rows behind the Falcons bench. I hope to be able to smell the sweat of Matty Ice and Roddy White and catch a whiff of the funk from Michael Turner and even hear John Abraham talk about hitting Cam Newton. I cant stand any other teams, so screw the Carolina Panthers.

Another plus about going to the game and having good seats is that since I don't drink anymore, T trusts me with her nice camera and I am hoping to get some great shots. I am really hoping to get some awesome shots.

So this weekend is going to be a great weekend filled with F's

F....Shhhhhh....its a dirty word.
And Im not dirty.




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