Friday, October 21, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-21-11......T looks fine, My leg is saved and Dont Dare Me!

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Fridays Final Thoughts is the post in which I just go on about things that have happened during the week and what I am facing from the upcoming weekend. I may rant, I may make you laugh, I may make you cry. I will make you do something, just don't hurt yourself.

Its Friday and I am ending a short week today. Short because of the Monday Sickness that wrapped up T and wouldn't let her go.  Not that I like her being sick, but it was my pleasure to take care of the kids all day and let her rest up and get to feeling better.

Its Friday and that means I am going to check out Redbox and see if there are any movies that I want to see. And BridesMaids it is.

Its Friday and I am going to tweet a lot today so come on over and lets talk some shit.

We had a yard sale WEEKS ago. We got rid of some shit but we still have junk in the garage. And being that it has been in there I have been parking in the driveway. Not anymore.  This weekend I am getting stuff to the dump or putting it somewhere else.

I know there were other things that the wife said I had to clean this weekend but that was last night and I forgot already. I need notes.

I have to get this out there. Do you guys ever walk in your house and see your wife and just like that you are wanting to go crazy and rip her clothes off?  Shit last night T had this shirt on and damn, she looked good. All I could think about after that was...PO-DO.

So C1 wanted him and C2 to dress alike yesterday. That's cool, brothers wanting to dress like each other.

So the doctors saved my leg and I think I am going to survive my 2 week battle with poison ivy. It was hard and I had to tell a lot of people goodbye but thanks to Dr. Grey from the Anatomy Academy I will make it.

I made the mistake yesterday and talked some shit to Mary - The Mommyologist , the World Famous Mommy Blogger that writes about the stars and so much more.  So yesterday as she was tweeting about how someone mentioned her nails looked so good, so i spouted off  "How hard can it be?" and then the battle lines were drawn and the dare was put out there. So this weekend I may be painting my nails. I am never one to back down from a bet or a dare.

So let the weekend begin.


Kiss the Baby



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