Friday, October 28, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 10-28-11......What are you up to?

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Been a crazy week.
Somewhat of a good week, I have had better
But I have for sure had worse.

Got the ball rolling again on some personal projects that I hope will roll in my favor.

Got back to the gym 4 days this week and I feel great about that. Josh, a friend from the gym who trains, is going to give me 3 months and train me and get my body in Tom Brady shape. (maybe) Along with that, I have to have before and after body photos. So T will take some and if I have the balls, I will post them. The hard part will be keeping T off of me after she takes the pictures.

The kids have had good weeks.
T took them to the skate park and they took their scooters and had a blast.
C2 finally got on his bike and is now riding too.  Didn't push him, just let him do it on his own and once again the balance on the bike without pedals method worked.

C4, has found a new love in his life.
Trains.  T got the trains and the tracks out for him and he loves them. He has played with them so much over the week. Even sharing with the older C's.

C3 was on the receiving end of a used (new to her) scooter and she will be trying it out. Her scooter skills have become too advanced for her old one.

C1, C2, C3 and myself did our letters to the troops for The Bert Shows Big Thank You.  We waited till the last minute (like I always do) but we got them mailed out. Here is a link for what that is The Bert Shows Big Thank You.

I am going to be trying out some new Love and Logic stuff this weekend based on the email I got regarding "Kids That Argue With Each Other" and trust me, I'm sure we will have that this weekend at some point.

I failed on my dare last weekend to see if I had the skills to paint my own nails, so I will see if I can capture that Even though the Falcons are off this weekend maybe I can still go Black and Red or I will find another team to support and change the colors.

Its going to be a great weekend. I am going to do things. BIG things.

Have a great one as well.

Kiss the Baby



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