Friday, October 7, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts....Its a Burnt Orange and Black and Red Weekend

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Ready for the weekend?  I know I am.  I feel like it is going to be a good weekend.  Things are going good at the house, wife and kids are doing awesome. The weather is good too.

I had a good week of working out at the gym. I started a solid Mon-Wed-Fri routine. Blasted my body and managed to fit in some cardio. Now I need to stick with it.

Im thinking about a movie for me and T tonight. Im going to see whats new and check something out.  Maybe let the kids watch a Halloween movie and get them in the spirit.  Saturday morning we have a soccer game and then later T is going to hang out with a friend of hers. I think lunch and a movie.  So while the wife is away...the daddy and the kids will play. I think we will write our letters and color some pictures for the Berts Big Thank You Read Here. Then I think we may play legos and build something cool. Probably make some of my famous nachos for lunch. Ahhhh the fun.

And I cant forget about the big Big BIg BIG game that is on Saturday afternoon.
Texas vs. Oklahoma
Both teams are 4-0. OU is #2 in the Country.
Big Game.

I will be wearing my UT stuff tomorrow.

Ahhhh, Sunday. What better to do on a Sunday than.....

Get done what needs to be done so I can sit down at 8pm and watch my

They are playing the Green Bay fudgePackers.

I hate the Packers. And they destroyed us last year in the playoffs.

So Sunday night, you can find me at my house and on my couch. Dressed in my gear and ready to go.

Feel free to tweet me
or text me
during the game.
If you call me....You will get cursed out.

Kiss the Baby



Unknown October 7, 2011 at 11:46 AM   Reply to

I knew I like you for some reason. We're gonna rip Blowklahoma a new one!! \m/

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