Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From the beginning...The Day We Kicked Cam's Ass.

So a couple weekend ago I got to go to an Atlanta Falcons home game vs. the Carolina Panthers.  You may not know this but I kinda love the Falcons. I am probably more of a fanatic than a regular fan. I scream and cry and yell and fuss and curse and throw things and get so carried away, but that is my team and I love my team.

I am not a quality picture taker. My shit is usually blurry and not focused on the correct things and they just don't look good. But since I don't drink anymore and I wouldn't be sloppy drunk and dropping it, T let me take her nice camera to the game. I mean I was sitting 15 rows behind the Falcons bench.  So here is my story about October 16th.

October 16th, 2011
The day the Falcons kicked
Cam's ass.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers

Park and Tailgate before the game
Always fun.

Look at this dumbass. Sorry did get a picture of me
pushing him into the bushes up on the right.

Ahhh. Dome Sweet Dome.

Section. 117-Row 15 behind the Falcons bench.

Welcome to Atlanta where the Falcons play
and bust dem heads like everyday 

I love HD83 Harry Douglas. Gettin ready  

The Burner Turner. Michael Turner.
Wanna tackle him, bring your friends.

Ahh, my man crush. Matty Ice. Matt Ryan
pay not attention to #8

Warming up the arm.

Tony G. Best Tight End in football and I am
not talking about his ass ladies.

Roddy White. Matty Ice's favorite target

"Alright boys, time to put it in"

Fake to Quizz

Rollout to the right

Keep rollin'

Roll a lil more

Throw to Quizz and he..he...he..shit, didnt make it in.

So on the next play. Turner gets the ball and punches it in.
Does the ol' body bump celebration with HD83 and that sealed the deal.

After that score..Matty Ice blew me a kiss.
I swear, I promise he did.
Ok, he didnt but I can pretend.

Come back tomorrow for the pic's of the ones that


Kiss the Baby



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