Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Boo to You Day.

Well today is the day that everyone dresses up in crazy, different costumes and goes out and gets candy and other treats.  Our C's will get dressed up today and go out and get some candy and treats, but not too much.  All that sugar will make my kids look like they work at our local Wal-Mart with the nasty teeth and all. Plus it brings your immune system down. And that is not something we want.

Well C1 will be dressing up as Indiana Jones. Whip and all, sporting the hat and trying to find the hidden treasures of the world.  C2 will be finding coins and saving Princess Peach as Super Mario this year. He has the running and jumping skills that are needed for this.  C3, she is going to be a furry warm kitten.  Which will be nice for tonight. A furry white kitten with a tail that looks like it belong to a squirrel. She love that costume.  C4, well he has a pirate costume and it is cool as could be, but he may or may not wear it. Not easy getting a 2 year old to stay happy in a costume.

We had a good weekend. Did the normal stuff. Played outside and cleaned up.

C1 took a nasty fall on his bike coming down the drive way. Got mad and wanted to sell his bike.  Made a nice gash in his helmet. Which is why we always tell them to wear the helmets.  So we will see, I'm sure he will get back on.

The loved watching the Winnie The Pooh Movie. Watched it Saturday night and Sunday too.  It was cute.

We went to a party last night and the kids had fun. Played and we carved our big pumpkin. Well, we drilled holes in it. We have a drive by casualty pumpkin.

Tonight when the kids go to bed, I'm thinking of getting in my Chippendale's costume and dancing for T and seeing how many dollars I can get.

Have a safe and happy day and evening.

Kiss The Baby



Lexapro Birth Defect October 31, 2011 at 1:43 PM   Reply to

Sounds like you and your family had a great Boo Day...sorry to hear about C1 and the bike,i hope he is better.

PS: This year i tought about dressing up as the Jocker from Batman The Dark Knight...bad ideea half the people at the party were Jockers >.<

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