Monday, October 24, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.........Bowl Games

The weekend was very nice. T and I watched BridesMaids on Friday night and that movie was so so funny. You know its a funny movie if T is laughing at the stupid shit. And she did.

We took the kids bowling for the first time ever and they loved it. We had this coupon and it let us bowl and eat and play video games. C1 and C2 bowled very well and C3 and C4 got to use the ramps that you push the ball off of. Pretty cool.  The hardest part was keeping the other kids behind the line when it wasn't their turn.  They got excited for each other and wanted to help each other.  C1 had this run and slide and throw method and it was funny to see him do that. C2 had this side arm type throw and release.  No fingers or toes got injured so that is a good thing. Then we ate pizza and played video games. We had a really good time.

The weather was so nice that we got to play outside a lot and we cleaned the garage out some. Got rid of some more shit and Brandon came and picked up the treadmill so I can now park in the garage again. Wooo Hoooo. Thanks.

Sunday was more outside time and Falcon Sunday. The Dirty Birds won the game but the Lions were the one playing dirty.  T is excited that the Falcons are off next weekend.

I finally got my fat ass back in the gym this morning and had a great leg workout and the guy that trained me started talking to me again about training me for his portfolio and certification. Good for me. This guy will get me in shape and looking good and feeling good in time if he can train me again. 

Im not going to mention all of the stupid new rules and committees that the neighborhood homeowners association is trying to set up. Yeah, I will save that for another day. I wouldn't want to make the person that leaves newspapers and boxes outside mad.

Well really the weekend was all about playing inside and out. We will enjoy the weather and the weekends outside until the weather cools off for good.

Kiss the Baby



Anonymous,  October 25, 2011 at 6:36 AM   Reply to

Good for you getting back to the's so hard to get back into the routine!! I love bowling haven't been in years...the kids would love it!

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