Monday, October 3, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.........Know when to say not mess with something

So the weekend is over and its already back to work time. For some its a reminder of that old Willie Nelson song, "On the Road Again". And that reminder is for my parents who had a nice weekend visit with us as they leave their home in Virginia and head for the new home outside San Antonio, Tx.  My Uncle Buzz was with them as they needed an extra body to drive another vehicle down and help finish up.

Had a nice dinner Friday night at the Japanese Steak House that rocks and it is so good that we only eat there when they come into town. Got stuffed and actually ran into my personal trainer from the gym and his wife and kids. Had to pretend that I was eating healthy...not really.

Saturday morning C2 had his soccer game. Funny we thought the game was earlier and we got up and got ready and then saw the schedule and we were up an hour early. Oh well. The weather is cooler and the kids had to make sure they ran around to stay warm. Another loss for the team and that's ok, C2 had fun and he loves to play. At 6 years old, I don't think he cars about the wins and losses yet. I guess that will come.

We ate breakfast with my parents and uncle and then they were back in the trucks and headed for dryer and hotter land.

So my parents have been great and have given us a few laptops for the kids to use for school. Well, they gave us another one this visit. So me being the DUMBASS that I am...we get home from dinner Friday night and get the kids in bed and what do I have to do?  Yeah, I have to get out the laptop and play and see it and mess with it and fiddle faddle around and guess what happens?

...I screw up the ENTIRE internet system in our house and we have no internet. So Friday night I give it up and figure that I will look at it Saturday sometime. Saturday night comes and I cant figure out what in the hell I did. I call our local internet provider and its not them, its our router. I call the router company and its out of warranty, so they cant help me. So after talking to two people that I CANT even understand, I give up for then night..after T takes and tweets a picture of me on a chair, after she laughs at me...only so she doesn't curse me out, after C3 asks me if I broke the internet...

......Brings us to FOOTBALL Sunday.  I get done some of the other b.s. that I have to do and then I get back to the computer. Still not knowing what I did or what I messed up, I send a tweet to Christopher a great guy on twitter who is the Computer Genius and I wait...Wait until I feel the death stares, the laser eyes burning holes in me from T.....all I keep hearing in my head are the words she said to me..."You BETTER get this fixed before school Monday!!!!!" Shit...Christopher having a life of his own and a family and other MORE IMPORTANT things to do hadn't gotten back to me I caved and called more people. I called router company again and they finally helped me.  Spending time (hours) on the phone with this lady and re-configuring and re-setting and re-installing out router that I erased (????) did the trick. She did get yelled at by me for screwing up my wireless printer but she took it ok.  I am glad that Christopher didn't have to get any of my asshole'ness over the phone, not a good first impression to make.

So wireless internet works on all laptops and desktop.  T and the two C's can do school. 

Lesson to take from this.....DONT PHUCK WITH SHIT THAT DOESN'T NEED TO BE MESSED WITH!!!!!! 

Ended a being a great weekend. Parents and Uncle are back on the road, the Atlanta Falcons WON (by the damn hair on their chins), got the fall/winter clothes out, kids are good and the wife is able to get back on the internet to do school.

Kiss the Baby



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