Monday, October 10, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.........Mommy was away so we all played...

What do you call it when you have kids that fall down on the driveway and scrape up the knees and one get hit in the face with a ball and then you have screaming crying children all over your yard and house?

A weekend at This Daddys House.

It was a great weekend though.  Saturday soccer and C2 had a great game. He played really well. We had a streaker of the clothed kind at the game. C4 decided that he would run onto the field and we had to chase him a few times. He loved it.

T actually did something she never does. She had a girls day out with some friends and went to lunch and the movies. She hates being away from ME the kids but it was nice to have her go and I got some awesome playtime with the C's. We all missed her. Most of all ME.

Sunday was an awesome. Woke up had some coffee and some more coffee and made waffles. Well I guess you can call them that. T made fun of them. Then she made more. She thinks I act like I cant do shit so she will end up doing it. (psssst. don't tell her its true)

Then I went and trimmed down our butterfly bush and we played outside a lot. T went through the kids clothes and swapped out summer for winter clothes. I watched some football and then we played more.

Was a good weekend.

Lets go back to Saturday for a minute.  A friend of mine let us use his Netflix password so we could check out the Movie-Documentary Food Inc. Let me just say that this movie gives new meaning to "Scares the Shit out of Me". To see what they do to the animals and how the food is treated and the animals are treated, just makes me sick. Need to eat less of that shit and if I am gonna eat it, needs to be from my house and organic, grass fed. That's why this Saturday we are going to visit farms and find us a local farm to buy from and support them instead of companies like Tyson and Perdue.  If you have not seen it, I think you should. Im not saying you have to change how and what you eat, but just so you know. Don't you always want to know? Know what you are eating?

Kiss the Baby



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