Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yes this is for real, I am offering Marriage Advice.

I have heard a lot recently about how men should do this and husbands should do this and my wife this and my wife that and I got my wife she knows what to do and I run my house and yeah yeah yeah...whatever. West Coast, East, North and South, some people are all the same. Wives should do this and that and that is just the way it was meant to be. That is such bullshit. Why some men and I guess some women feel that it is a set way of life that certain things need to be done by certain spouses makes me shake my head. Equal, ummm, I know that T and I are equals.

For instance this past Sunday T and I were laughing as we sat there and I said, "You know, you cut the grass today and I did laundry?" We laughed, and joked that we swap roles. She does the yard work and I do the dishes and cleaning and laundry. I mean we had a good few minutes of laughing about it. You know what though, shit got done and we both got what we wanted. I got to watch the Falcons and get laundry done and she got to be outside on a nice day.

Brings me to an article I read and I wanted to give my take and thoughts on some of this. I agree with some of it and some of it I don't. The article 7 Things Your Husband Wants to Tell You Read Here goes over things that a husband wants to tell his wife to help close the gap on communication.

1. A small "thank-you" makes a huge difference.  Really? Sometimes it may. But when a husbands does things that NEED to be done, why does it have to be followed up with a "Thank You"? Yeah, its nice, but shit fella's its your house, your yard, your car, your marriage, etc too. Do the dishes, laundry and don't wait for a thank you, just get it done.

2. I’m more likely to offer you concrete advice than a shoulder to cry on.  I learned a long time ago that women sometimes just want that shoulder and ear. Someone to listen to. Men they don't always want advice, so I disagree with this one too. I think women these days will ASK you for advice or your input when they want it. So guys shut up and listen. Some women only deal with kids all day and cant vent to them, so lend an ear and a shoulder and shut the hell up.

3. If you want a chore done by a certain day, tell me that.  The first one I agree with. I am a man. A stupid two track minded man. PO-DO and Sports. T knows I need a list. Lists of shit to do benefits both of us. I will walk around the house looking for shit to do and get NOTHING done. She makes me a list, BAM it gets knocked out. Ladies make you men a list and give it to them. See if that helps. And by the way, that up top mean PO-DO with my wife..thank you very much.

4. Tell me directly what’s bothering you. Yeah another I agree with. I always ask T and probably too much if anything is bothering her or if she wants to talk. But men are not mind readers. Again goes back to us and what drives our thought patterns. MEN DON'T KNOW SHIT. YOU HAVE TO TELL US!

5. Please don’t ask me how you look in that dress. T doesn't care what I think anyways, so I am all good on this one. And since I am always eyeballing her ass and boobs and she usually tells me to shut it and leave her alone. I tell her all the time I think she looks nice and what shes wearing but she doesn't care. Women if we told you the truth all the time about what you wear, then you would be bitches all the time.

6. I wish you didn’t think we had to talk all the time to be close. Guys its not always SEX and SPORTS, so what do you have after that?  Conversation with your wife. Talk to her dumbass. Be sneaky find out what she likes or better yet...just ask her.

7. I wish you wanted sex more.  Oh hell yeah. I AGREE with this all the way. I wish T wanted PO-DO all the time, but guess what? She doesn't and sad to say Im ok with that. She has long days and harder days than me. She has the kids, cleans, cooks. Kids are up her ass all day long and I'm sure the last thing she wants is me all over her trying to get on her.  Guys, other things lead to sex. Sure she might want the quickie and roll over and go to sleep but guys you actually have to work for it and trust me, if you put the little work into getting her to have more sex, it will be worth it.

Guys, no need to thank me now. Ladies, after your husbands have become better husbands, just give me the Internet pat on the back.

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Travis ( Atlanta Daddy Blogger) October 7, 2011 at 12:00 AM   Reply to

Great post! Over the years I've learned alot! But I love your #2 and #4

Q October 8, 2011 at 10:47 PM   Reply to

#1 and #3 are my favorites. Things would be so simple if people just thought a little more about what makes someone happy.

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