Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can You Feel It? The Needo for Speedo!

If you are a parent that has been to Disney you know how much it can cost you. T and I are lucky enough to have four healthy kids and Disney still breaks us to the bone every year when we go.

Now for just a minute imagine that you are the parent of a special needs or terminally ill child.  I cant begin to understand what those parents go through. I stress about everything as it is. Think about all the hardships that the kids deal with and all the pressures and stresses that the parents have to handle to be able to take care of their children. Take the most trivial thing for a family in that situation like going to Disney and it becomes not so trivial. It becomes a big production. They have to have so much more planned than an family of 6 like us do.  I'm sure the money is an issue. A huge issue. Doctors, helpers, whatever that the family uses or needs on a daily basis, they have to account for that on this thought out, in depth vacation.

Nothing for a family in this situation is ever a guarantee.  But for them going to Disney there is one guarantee and its a big one. The smiles on the kids. Smiles, that's it.

That brings me to my friend and his radio show, The Bert Show. OK, I'm lying he isn't MY friend, but I am his friend. Wait, OK. Honestly, I'm just a twitter and radio stalker that listens to him and he does so many great things for the youth of the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas and this is just another way I can try to be helpful and spread the word. But I know people that know people that know him, so we are friends in that way.

Bert Weiss and his wife Stacey have a Non-Profit called Berts Big Adventure. Berts Big Adventure Website. Some of you are saying "What is Berts Big Adventure?" Well its a non-profit organization, committed to changing the lives of children with chronic and terminal illnesses. And they have both been doing this for 10+years now. And just how do Bert and Stacey change the lives of these children? Well besides helping families all year round in different ways, one of the biggest things they do is take families to Disney World in Orlando, Fl.

Now I am not well off by any means, I try and we try as a family to do things to help others. I cant always donate money, but we try to give toys, used or not, clothes, used or not to families that really need the help. Food, we donate food as well. Now Berts Big Adventure accepts donations for the big trip and does so in many different ways.  This year there is a special way to donate and you actually get something back in return, other than the feeling of being a great help.

They do a thing in Atlanta called the Santa Speedo Run where people run around the city of Atlanta in speedos or bikinis in the winter time and have fun.  Teams are formed and money is raised to benefit different causes.  Well Berts wife Stacey is doing this and Bert was going to but he has a prior obligation which is causing him to not be in a speedo and run. Now if you haven't seen Bert, he isn't a bad looking dude. He is trained by The Biggest Losers Dolvette, so that may just tell you that he is in fact in decent shape. So since he wont run around the city in a speedo, you are more than able to catch a peek at him in that speedo. All you have to do is donate here Bert Strips Down for Donations and if you get to the magic number, he will bare it all down to the speedo.

It may seem silly and crazy but Bert and Stacey really go all out and do what they have to help these kids and the families. I hear about these stories and responses from people about how great it is.  You have a guy and his wife who have two young boys, yet they do all of this for these other kids.

So again, I know that I only reach certain readers that have come to know Me, T and the 4 C's and maybe you don't have or know anyone that has chronic or terminally ill children, but then again maybe you do.  I'm not asking you specifically to donate, but to just spread the word around, tell people to come read the blog and go to the sites and see what it is all about. Maybe some of you ladies want to see Bert in a speedo, maybe some of my males readers do too.

Can you feel it? Shhhh, listen..Can you hear it?  Its the sound of women talking about how good Bert looks, and its the sound of jealous men all over.

The Bert Show Radio Show
Berts Big Adventure
Atlanta Santa Run
Bert-strips-down-for-your-donations page

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Only in the South can you run through a Christmas tree farm and there not be snow on the ground.  We got to the tree farm and the kids loved it. Rows and rows of trees to run through and around and they had a blast. I think they may have wanted every tree. Some big, some small, Charlie Brown trees, but we finally agreed on that perfect one.

C3 and C4 Field of Christmas Tree Dreams

C1 and C2 heading different directions

C4 helping me check this tree out

How do I get this tree?

Got it on the van

Carried it to the men so they could hook it up

This guy cut the end and cleaned it up for us

Then he shook what his mamma gave him. The Tree.

Then they wrapped it up and loaded it up for us

Time for some smores

Everyone waiting so nicely

Ahhh, now the fun part

C1 waited all day to decorate the tree

C3 had a great time, little decorator

C2, he had fun this year

This one cant keep his hands off the tree or the ornaments

Which meant he was a very good helper to mommy

So find out tomorrow if the tree is still standing and what it looks like.

Kiss the Baby




Monday, November 28, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.......Its Really Real. For Real.

How do you determine what a good weekend was?

If it is Monday and you say it was a good weekend cause no one died, then you may have to rethink your weekends.  If Monday rolls around and you say to yourself, I changed too many shitty diapers then you may need to change your diet, or your kids depending on who is wearing the diapers.

My weekend, know how I am claiming that this past weekend was a success?

We put up Christmas Decorations, a Christmas Tree, and Ornaments and they are all still standing.  A 2yo that cant keep his hands off the tree managed to not pull it down.  A 4yo that loves to touch the ornaments and sleep with them all, didn't pull the tree down.  Two older brothers that want to wrestle around the room couldn't knock this tree down this weekend. Winner Winner.

Saturday, we went to the local tree farm. We decided that this year we would do the real tree thing.  Our first real tree since the kids have been born.  This was maybe the most awesome display of keeping it local that you can have. I mean buying your Christmas Tree from a tree farm that is 10 minutes from your house, doesn't get more local than that.  The kids loved this.  They got to run through the rows and rows of trees, we had smores but the fire pit and they got to see the guys, cut our tree, shakes our tree and then wrap our tree. To say they were excited was an understatement.  We got home, I cleaned the stand and C1 helped me bring it in. As soon as we put it in the stand, all you could hear was...

.....Can we decorate the tree? Over and Over and Over.

We saved the tree decorating until Saturday night when it was nice and dark. We had already set up the stuff outside and then we put the lights on and then it was time.

The C's went to work decorating with ornaments of all kinds. From Ugly to Nice, Old to New and the only ones that didn't stay on the tree....the ugly ones that T took off.

We also had some antic from Elfie this weekend. From sitting on top of the fridge to bringing some friends along and climbing his way up to the clock on the wall. I am wondering when he is going to get all crazy on us and have his wild parties like he did last year.

I have come to the realization that anytime we have tubs to move or get out of the storage room, I am going to hurt myself. I can go to the gym and lift hundreds of pounds and not be hurt, but lift some faxing tubs full of Christmas shit or clothes and I can move half my body for the next two days. Right now, its my right arm and right side of my chest. I cant flippin move it. Its like I'm paralyzed.

Rain came in yesterday and pretty much all day long we had some kind of wind and rain. Its has rained all day today and there is a chance of.......that's right, there is a chance of snow flurries tonight.

Kiss the Baby



Friday, November 25, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 11-25-11......Guess who is back

This Daddy's Blog


Its funny, I don't need a day that is filled with food, fun, football, family and whatever else to make me realize how lucky and thankful I am for who and what I have.  I have the most wonderful wife, four great kids, two loving parents, and a mother in law that i get along with, and extended family that is kind.

So yesterday after the food and fun, I went to Toys R Us a few hours early and sat in line and actually got the few items I needed without and trouble. Had a little drama, I began to talk shit to the people that were trying to cut into the line but other people around me calmed me down. Me talking shit? Why yes it does happen from time to time.  I did not want to accept new member into the SlapAHoe Tribe. I was home by 10pm with the few items and T got the rest online. We are a great team.

And being that it was Thanksgiving, a special friend made it back to the house.  That's right, the one and only
Elfie. Our Elf on the Shelf.

He is back. This is where the C2 found him this morning, just hanging around like he normally does.  Last year Elfie, caused some trouble and made a mess here and there, but he was always fun to look for and see where he was hiding.

Now that Elfie is back, we may go to the Christmas Tree farm and pick us out a tree tomorrow. It will be our first time having a real tree and the kids are excited.

Have a great weekend.

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The History of Thanksgiving.....Then and Now....The Truth!

You want the truth?  You can't handle the truth!

Way back in the day, when we had Pilgrims and all, stuff was different. Im not going to go into too much history but lets just say that it went down like this.

The men gathered in groups and went hunting and rounded up the food while the women stayed at camp and got the other foods ready and took care of the kids and talked about how great their men were for bringing back massive dead animals over their shoulders and roasting them over a huge fire pit.  As the men ate big ass turkey legs, the women breastfed and gazed at their husbands as meat juice dripped down off their chins.

After the meals were done, children and men played games while women cleaned and got the camps ready for bedtime and waited for the men to make love to them. (Ok, Im just guessing that is how that happened)  Sitting around the fire, men talked shit about the wives and dreamed about days when life would be better...And life did get better..Much better...for everyone.

Now after all these years and history behind us, we realize just how much things have changed.

Most women go out and get the food for the feast, simply because guys are dumbass' and we don't know what to buy. "You bought the wrong this and that"  Women now gather the goodies while us men stay at home with the kids.  Depending on what you are cooking, determines now who cooks.  I think this is split down the middle.  Wives may do the inside cooking while men grill.  Like me, I will throw a couple birds on the grill, now while this is happening, women most likely are telling each other how lazy we are.  Now during the meal, the wives more than the men I think get the kids plates ready...again for the reason that us guys don't have a clue as to what our kids eat. Now when us guys are chowing down and belching and acting foolish with juice dripping off our chins, the women are telling each other how nasty we are.

After the meal is complete and most men are trying to watch more football and pass out from food coma on the couch, we believe that the ladies will clean up and let us off the hook. Again the ladies are whispering "My husband is getting NONE tonight, since his lazy ass cant help" and we think all is fine and well.   Just as we think we are scott free, a babies ass hits us in the face and the smell of shit makes us throw up a little in our mouths. "Diaper Change honey!"

The final difference is that when our fat asses usually get up and play outside, maybe some football, some hunting or whatever, the wives sit and sip the coffee or wine or stronger drinks and laugh at our old fat ass selves, and talk about how the babies are growing so fast. Pump the brakes......."Honey, you can either wake your ass up at 2am to go with me or you can stay home with the kids"...A Black Friday statement that is heard across the country. Which one is worse?

So basically what I am saying here is that way way back in the day, us big bad ass men used to run the show and call the shots on this great grand Day of Thanks, but now....We are just a bunch of bitches.  That's right, bitches.  So guys, you may be saying right now "This dude has no clue, I got my lady on point and I run this game"....yeah, remember that when your tired ass wife is sleeping and your not getting any and I am cleaning the kitchen and my wife is telling me "You are gonna get some tonight"

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From A to Z, Things I am Thankful For.

Being Thankful can have so many different meanings.  It kinda depends on what you are thankful for.  I can always talk about being thankful for T and the 4 C's, which I will do later this week.  I can write about being thankful for having great parents and a great mother in law, but no one wants to read about that..(except them) lol, I can write about having a great job, and I am sure I will once I find it, I think what I am going to do today it let you all know some of the simple things that I am thankful for.  The little things that make me smile and make me go Hmmmm.  I am going to try and go from A to Z and list the things that I am thankful for that go with each letter.

Atlanta Falcons- My favorite football team. They support every emotion I have.

Back Hair- It gives T the chance to be with me while I am in the bath.

Coffee- Best part of waking up, is Coffee in my cup.

Diapers- So thankful that I have a wife that changes them.

Earthy- Organic stuff, makes me more regular.

Friends- The people that I never answer the phone when I call them.

Gym- I feel like a stud at least 2 hours out of the day.

Horny- I am this all the time. T is not so thankful for this one.

Intelligence- Keep thinking I will get this stuff one day.

Jeans- The ones that are too BIG for my fat ass. Makes me feel better. (See GYM)

K12- Making me realize I am not as smart as my kids. (See Intelligence)

Laptops- Easier than carrying around a desktop.

Music- Every kind, all the time, I listen, I sing, I dance.

Ninny- All the kids have sipped on the Ninny Juice.."Rollin' down the street in a carrier Sippin' On Ninny Juice..laid back with the mind on the Ninny and the Ninny on the Mind"

O- plain and simple letter that can be used as a word. Ex.- When I forget to do something that T has asked me to do I say "O Shit, I forgot!"

PO-DO- Ohhh so Thankful, ohhh so much.

Quiet- Something that is never in our home, but then again that would be boring.

Razors- Especially the ones that curve and manscape the man parts with no cuts.

Scott- Hell Yeah. Me, Myself and I. I love Me some Me!

Twitter- I have found so many great people to argue with there.

Underwear- keeping my boys snug and warm-Im thinking about trying this kind

Vasectomy- Nuttin' Like shooting Blanks! (even though a reverse would be nice.)

Wax- What I need to have done to my body hair. Shaving takes forever.

Xray Vision- I use this on T all the time. And only on her.

You- For coming everyday and being trapped into my mind for just a little while.

ZOO- This is what my house is when I get home at 9pm.

Hope you enjoyed my list and it let you into my life and some of the everyday things that I am thankful for.

Kiss the Baby



Monday, November 21, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun......I Thought Married People Made Out At Movies?

The weekend before Thanksgiving and it was a weekend that had its ups and downs.

Saturday morning we had to be up extra early to be at the Santa Breakfast. That meant the kids getting up before 7am and us getting ready to be somewhere by 8am.  We were there by 8:30am and that was fine. The kids enjoyed the Chick-Fil-A breakfast and the juice was from China and they wouldn't let us exchange it for milk so that mean, they started the morning off with a nice dose of Sprite. Whoopie. C3 showed off her hula hooping and limbo skills and won a prize.

Then we went to Lowes and did the Build-A-Project.

The project was a Santa and his Reindeer with the Sleigh made
out of wood.

After that T and C1 went to the Chiropractor to get snap-crackled-popped. While they were doing that, C4 was doing this

And C2 and I were looking like this

While he was singing "Moves like Jagger".  I was shocked, he knew the words and was rocking back there in his back seat.

T then was getting us some lunch and by that time C1 was bored and ready to get out of the van

Plus he was missing his legos that he left at the chiropractors.

C3 finally bit the dust

This is what happens when you stay up late and get up at 6:30am, you crash hard.

T and I saw Twilight-Breaking Dawn part 1 Saturday afternoon and we both enjoyed it. The movie was actually pretty good and we are ready for the next one.

But somethings were not right about going to the movies with T. 

She didn't want to sit in the back row and make out.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get her to the back row to make out with me.  I thought going to the movies during the daytime was just code for "Lets Make Out".  She did hold my hand though, and that did seem to make my jeans fit a bit tighter.

It was a Great Weekend!!

Kiss The Baby




Friday, November 18, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 11-18-11...Im feeling a little Boy Bandish today

This Daddy's Blog


Here we are again.  This week has come and gone and I am happy to say that we have made it once again to Friday. And for some reason, I am in a Boy Band kind of mood today. Singing Boy Band songs. Something is really wrong with me. But just remember that Backstreets Back Alright.

So, I am a complete idiot sometimes. Well most of the time. The other night T was not feeling well, so she asked me to do one thing. ONE, that is it.  Text message from her read as "Can You please divide the meat in the fridge when you get home?"  Yep, no problem, no problem.  Fast forward to yesterday when I am sitting at work getting my breakfast out of a ziploc bag and that is when I remembered, I didn't separate the meat.  Yikes. I was asked to do ONE thing and I couldn't even do that. Oh boy.  I guess its a good thing that I talked her into letting me stop and get her some soup. That made the kick to the balls much softer.

Our board that is in the closet. The one we write stuff on, ask each other questions on, leave dirty notes for each other on, (well I am the only one leaving dirty notes) but whatever...She wrote this on there the other day

Well this is not an easy question. She really hit me with a hard one.  Not because she has so many and I had to decide but she really doesn't do anything that I cant stand.  Then it came to me. As soon as I stopped thinking it hit me....and my answer was.......

"You don't take enough time for yourself"

Wow, so last night I was made aware that the kids were talking about Christmas lists already.  Then T told me that C4 wanted a cell phone. What? NO and HELL NO!  T and I laughed. All of our kids are WAY too young for phones.

Then as I was tucking the kids in, I said to C1, "hey man , you have done a really good job taking care of your hermit crabs, (fist bump)" and then he says to me "Dad, Im thinking I should get a puppy for Christmas" Ummm, NO! And then from the other room Mrs. I Leave Panties All Over The Floor chimes in with "Yeah Daddy, We should get puppies" NOOOOOOOOOO.

I walk back into my bedroom and tell T and she is like "Yeah, they have been talking about it all day".

Shit, what next a damn car?

I read an article yesterday that says over 60% of men feel like they don't look good enough in the bedroom and it affects the love making with their female.  OK, I must be in the 40% because even though I am going to the gym and I always call myself fat....In the bedroom at that time with T, I look like Tom Brady. (T will tell you the same thing)

After talking to a few of the fella's on twitter yesterday, I am thinking I may need to do a new song vlog.  I mean, I can sing so well and I know you all have been missing my vocal abilities. Im thinking bout some Motown Classic. Actually, for you the readers, fans, and loved ones is there any song you would like to hear.  Tell me whats your choice and I will think about it.

Saturday.  Twilight with T for a Date Day. Yeah, we dont do Date Nights, just Date Days.

Sunday. Football. Atlanta Falcons 4pm.

Weekend. Honey Do's and Must Finishes and maybe some Bow Chicka Wut Wow mixed in there. (If Im nice, positive and lucky)

Have a great weekend.  Husbands be nice to your wives.  Wives give your men some PO-DO. Most of all love your kids and have fun with them.

Kiss the baby




Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Am So Sick Of All Of This!

I am trying to make some kind of sense, but mostly this is just some venting and rambling.

Another day goes by and more news of a parents harming a child. Mother in Missouri-Crying Baby is just the latest to hit the news and social media.  Is this ever going to stop?  Will parents ever stop harming children?  Probably not and that right there is a sad sad fact.

I know it happens everyday and sometimes its not even written about or put in the news.  I know that some things just are the way there are and that it will never change.  What is the deal parents?

I get so pissed at myself for reading all of these stories and trying to wrap my brain around why people harm their own children and at times other children.  I read this stuff and then I am like..WHY?  Did I just do that, cause I am pissed. 

I mean I can remember when T and I lived in Katy, Tx. years ago, Andrea Yates did the unthinkable. I didn't have kids then but I knew that what she did was a sick act and I was grossed out by it.  Then you hear stories all the time. More and More of them. Then I have my own children and it becomes more of a real thing for me because I cant imagine hurting one of my children.

It seems as if that is all you hear about now. Kids being hurt by parents or other adults. 

This Shelby Dasher a 20 year old mother who first said her 13 month old son was missing from his crib and then later admitted to hitting him since he wouldn't stop crying and lay down and go back to sleep.  Man, seriously?  Give your kid to someone who will care for it and someone that knows babies and kids cry.  A young girl having a baby. Happens all the time I know this. Is she mentally ill?  Was it depression?  Was she drunk or under the influence?  Who knows, but for the love of god, give your baby away before you harm it. Shit, leave it at someones door, I mean you will still likely go to jail but at least the baby is still alive.

T and I, we have four kids.  They have all cried. One or two of them have had colic, but never ever did we think about some sick shit like that. We held, we slept with, we walked, we bounced, WE CRIED, I know I cried, we did anything we could do to get our baby to stop crying...............

BY LOVING IT.  WE LOVED OUR KIDS till they stopped crying and when they stopped crying, we looked at each other and laughed until we either fell asleep or the babies started crying again. IT HAPPENS.

When you are a parent..EVERYTHING happens.  I know that I can never write enough about this nonsense that happens. I know it can never be covered enough, I know that I will never be able to look up all the stats and list all the babies and children that are harmed. 

But I do know this...Loving your babies is the best thing you can do for them. Love them, hug them, kiss them and take care of them.

And I think in order to keep my mind fresh and stop being filled with all the disgusting stories that fill the news, I am going to just go back to watching sports all the time. Watch sports and never feel the anger and grief, never hear about the sick things that are being done to kids across the country.

Shit, that wont work either. See people, it is everywhere.

Parent your kids, love your kids, know your kids.

Newborns, Infants, Toddlers, Young Children, Pre-Teens, them till your done.

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words.. Caption Contest #2


So last week on Wordlessful Wednesday I posted a picture and asked you all to leave your best caption to that photo. You all came with some really good ones and I had a few good laughs.

Here is last weeks photo and winner

Now your interested cause you see the word winner.

Well you really don't win anything, unless you call me bragging about you and your blog to the millions to a few of my readers.  That is what I will do. Whoever brings the best caption to the photo wins a all inclusive blog post by me.  You will receive nothing but kind words from me.  Now who wouldn't want that?

So here is this weeks photo.

This is a picture from our beach vacation this past September at Hilton Head, SC.

See C1, there on the left in the red and white stripped shirt?

Give me your best caption as to what he is doing, thinking or
just whatever.

And once again T will choose the best one.  So be creative and lets see what you got.

Kiss the baby



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fine. You want to break up with ME. I dont care!

I never like you anyways.....Just give me a minute and I will,

I have to say that being a very opinionated and passionate person sometimes gets me into some stuff that I might not entertain at other times.  I have thoughts and views on things and I am never one to let someone else make my mind up for me on issues.  This blog has given me the chance to get things off my chest and to also help inform others of different ways to do things. I have also learned a lot from other blogs and people that have come to my blog.  I have met and talked with very interesting people. I have emailed, chatted, tweeted people that I can call friends and some people that I can just say are good for conversation.

Blogs are one thing. You can read, leave comments, and either go back or never read it again if it makes you mad or you don't agree or whatever.

Fakebook. I don't have one, so I don't care.

Twitter. This is the one that is different for me. Sometimes it throws me for a loop.  Now, I am a weird person. Most of the time, I could care less what you think of me. You like me, great. You think I'm a jerk, great. Whatever.  There are people that I talk, discuss, argue, debate things with in twitter all the time. This is a large World and people are different. People have different ways and I understand that, even if I think what other people are saying is stupid.  But I know everyone is different.

There are some people that I get into heated debates with.  Spanking (hate it), Breastfeeding (love it), Love and Logic Gentle Parenting (love it) etc.....

I get into it with these people and a few unfollow and most of them have the same knowledge that I do. We all know we are all different, end the debate and come back later for more and other discussions. People that know me, read my blog, follow me on twitter know that I have a crazy sense of humor. Some people have unfollowed me on twitter after heated debates and that is fine, screw you and be good.  Some have unfollowed and I have thought "WHY?"  I had good conversations with that person and then I am like oh well, Fax em.  Then I get hit with this..........

"Dude just unfollow me. You are annoying and You never tweet me with anything constructive anyways"

I just sent back a nice "Thanks" and that was it.

Now normally, I would have cursed this mom out and started a bunch of shit, because like most of you know, I love to start drama, (per T, Laura, many others) and stir the pot. But I didn't. Why? Umm, she was a bitch anyways.

Then I laughed, I told myself..."I am annoying"  that is never hidden.

Well at least in the wonderful world if twitter-divorce everybody gets to keep their own shit, and can still party with the same friends.

So if you want to unfollow me, cool...Kick your own ass to the curb.

I have plenty of people who love to argue, debate, agree, converse with me.

What is your best twitter break up song?  Mine real quick...Chicago's "If You leave me now"

Kiss the baby



Monday, November 14, 2011

The fun weekends always go by the fastest.

Isn't it just so awesome how the weekend flies by. I mean I get off work Friday and get home and next thing you know it is back up at 5am and off to the gym and ready for the work week. Nothing better than a fast flying weekend. (sarcasm voice)

Friday night, I rented Horrible Bosses and let me tell you this, that movie is so funny. Now I love comedy movies and I have a open sense of humor....meaning I usually laugh at anything, but I am honestly telling you that this movie is one that is in my Top 5.  I think partly because the movie in a way is my real life. I work for Kevin Spacey and some of the other characters that are in the movie are here at my place of business also.  I will fill you in on that later this week.

Before watching the movie, I caught some of the UNC vs. MSU basketball game that was played on the USS Carl Vinson Carrier. It was awesome to see two storied schools play a game for the troops on Veterans Day. It was a great gesture by the NCAA and by all involved.

Saturday was party and travel day.  Party day meaning we had two parties. C2's soccer party where he got his trophy and then it was the drive down to our cousins house for a birthday party. A Princess Party.  But something funny happened on the way to the party... T had to stop and use the bathroom and while walking back out to the van (with 3 kids in tow) a dude looked at her and said "Hey Baby" as he looked her up and down. See, some guys would want to take that the wrong way and start some shit. Me, I laugh and look at her and tell her, "Damn Babe, You got it like that!!!" She thought it was funny too.

C3 got to her Princess Party and dressed up in some Princess clothes and she loved it.

She love it so much that on Sunday she found some of her own
 Princess clothes and got dressed up. 

Even wanted to prove that Princess' can ride bikes and play
outside in the dress.
And even take the dog in the baby carrier on the back of the bike. 

Sunday was also fun for the reasons that I took my old lawnmower and started mowing through the woods.  The kids love to run around the property line around our house, so I thought I would at least make them a trail that they could stay on.  We all walked down to the waterless creek. C2 heard termites chewing on the trees in the woods, C3 found a ball? That was fun though. I will do some more work on the trail this next weekend, going to try and add some stuff along the trail to make it more fun for the kids.

T and I finally watched Thursdays episode of Greys Anatomy. And can I just say "DAMN", I mean really..can they have any more drama happen in one show. That was nuts. A great episode but man, that was nuts.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, November 11, 2011

All it will cost you is two words....

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Here we are on another Friday. Its 11-11-11.  How many times are you going to hear or see that today?  It is also Veterans Day and also in Canada Remembrance Day.  On Veterans Day, we like to take time to thank Military service people for what they have done or what they are doing.  Whether they are retired, active duty, reserves...etc.  If you see someone today that you know is or was once in the Military, tell them Thank You. It wont cost you but two words.

I grew up a Military child and I have been around the Military for my entire life.

*My mothers parents Mae was in the Army Air Corps and Robert B. was in the Air Force. I can still remember them working at Andrews Air Force Base if my memory is correct. That was my Nana and PopPop.

*My fathers father Fred L. S. Sr. was in the Navy and the Air Force. He was also in a few wars, if I can remember correctly.  He was my Granddaddy.

*My Uncle Buzz, Fred L. S. Jr. is retired from the Army.  I still recall him in his dress uniform when I was younger and used to hang at his house.

*My Aunt Toni's father was in the Air Force and he was a prisoner of war too. I have spent several holidays with him and he is a great and caring person.

*My Uncle Steve B. was in the Marines also and then became a police officer.

*My brother in law Drew is a active Marine. He has served overseas in the war. He sacrificed time with his wife and kids to protect our country.

*My mother Elizabeth S. has never been in the military but she has worked at different military institutions since the day she married my father.  The JAG School and The Pentagon were both homes to my mom for the longest time and she did so much for so many different military personal and I often heard growing up that the places she worked and the people she helped wouldn't be able to function without her.

And now for my special one.
*My father Col. J. W. S. who retired from Army active duty more than a year or so ago was and still is one of the brightest JAG officers that there has ever been and that there will ever be.  Serving in Germany, Ft. Leavenworth, and also teaching courses at the JAG School are in his list of accomplishments. He also played a major role on the parole board while finishing his duties for the U.S. Army. Whether wearing his camo fatigues or his dress greens, whether him having two silver bars or the silver leaf on his shoulders he dedicated so many years of his life to his country and for that I love him and thank him.

So remember, when you do anything today...Just think about those people that have given up so much and make it possible for you to be doing those things.

Happy Veterans Day.

Kiss The Baby

***All these facts may not be correct since I have a bad memory.***



Thursday, November 10, 2011

Allow Me To Introduce Herself...........

Her name is Humpty pronounced with an Umpty.....ok never mind.

So Yesterday I put a pic up of C4 and thought it would be fun it people listed their best captions.  And in return since I have nothing else but some soy nuts and peanut butter and coffee, I thought I would let T pick the winner and I would blog about them today.

And the winner is...
"See I can't pull myself up to do a chin up either Daddy"

The woman Amy D. better know as @LLA_Princess on Twitter was chosen by T and I liked this one too, seeing that at the gym the other morning I couldn't do more than 5 pull ups. You can find Amy over at Not A Real Princess (Except to My Boys) . This is where she blogs about her family. A husband and two boys.  She has two boys on the Autism Spectrum, and to be honest with her, you and myself, I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to Autism. So maybe as I learn more from her I can help spread good information about it.

Now I met her on twitter when I was tweeting or something. She is funny and full of useful shit to talk about.  Her tweets are funny, her blog is both funny and informative and she is someone I think you should check out.




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