Friday, November 11, 2011

All it will cost you is two words....

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Here we are on another Friday. Its 11-11-11.  How many times are you going to hear or see that today?  It is also Veterans Day and also in Canada Remembrance Day.  On Veterans Day, we like to take time to thank Military service people for what they have done or what they are doing.  Whether they are retired, active duty, reserves...etc.  If you see someone today that you know is or was once in the Military, tell them Thank You. It wont cost you but two words.

I grew up a Military child and I have been around the Military for my entire life.

*My mothers parents Mae was in the Army Air Corps and Robert B. was in the Air Force. I can still remember them working at Andrews Air Force Base if my memory is correct. That was my Nana and PopPop.

*My fathers father Fred L. S. Sr. was in the Navy and the Air Force. He was also in a few wars, if I can remember correctly.  He was my Granddaddy.

*My Uncle Buzz, Fred L. S. Jr. is retired from the Army.  I still recall him in his dress uniform when I was younger and used to hang at his house.

*My Aunt Toni's father was in the Air Force and he was a prisoner of war too. I have spent several holidays with him and he is a great and caring person.

*My Uncle Steve B. was in the Marines also and then became a police officer.

*My brother in law Drew is a active Marine. He has served overseas in the war. He sacrificed time with his wife and kids to protect our country.

*My mother Elizabeth S. has never been in the military but she has worked at different military institutions since the day she married my father.  The JAG School and The Pentagon were both homes to my mom for the longest time and she did so much for so many different military personal and I often heard growing up that the places she worked and the people she helped wouldn't be able to function without her.

And now for my special one.
*My father Col. J. W. S. who retired from Army active duty more than a year or so ago was and still is one of the brightest JAG officers that there has ever been and that there will ever be.  Serving in Germany, Ft. Leavenworth, and also teaching courses at the JAG School are in his list of accomplishments. He also played a major role on the parole board while finishing his duties for the U.S. Army. Whether wearing his camo fatigues or his dress greens, whether him having two silver bars or the silver leaf on his shoulders he dedicated so many years of his life to his country and for that I love him and thank him.

So remember, when you do anything today...Just think about those people that have given up so much and make it possible for you to be doing those things.

Happy Veterans Day.

Kiss The Baby

***All these facts may not be correct since I have a bad memory.***



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